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Morning sickness and diarrhea?

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I'm not pregnant, or I think/hope I'm not, but have had diarrhea for about 5 days. can you have diarrhea instead of vomiting for morning sickness? Or is this just a bug???
And how early does morning sickness hit? Because i am not even due for my cycle until the end of the week, so I would be only a few weeks if I was.
Thanks all...:
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Yeah, you can. Or, diarrhea in addition to nausea. Joy joy!
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But it sounds to me like a bug. My dh just had this last week. Try to rest and drink tons of fluids so you don't get dehydrated, and if your period is late, take a test in a few days. Hope you're feeling better soon!
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Apparently you can! I was indeed pregnant and have a bouncing babe here to show for it.
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i wish i had seen your post when you were first asking.

diarrhea was one of my main symptoms. i think i took pepto for a month before i knew i was pregnant and then for the first week because i thought i was going to die if i didn't one night.

its better now but i have to keep the tums handy (they seem to chill out my tummy)

i have only vomited once, but have had that churning feeling associated with diarrhea very very often.

congrats (i think). i wasn't expecting/wanting this pregnancy either but i am embracing it.
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lol. oops when i bumped this i thought it was may 2004 :LOL

well, at least there were some more responses....not that *I* needed to know or anything
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:LOL well in case anyone needs to know....

It is true, you can. I thought I had a bug with my first. This time too.. I've had it.
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all day or just certain times of the day? like the morning 'for example'
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Well, I had it all day, if I remember correctly.
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worse at night for me if i wait a long time to eat and then eat a big meal
i had never heard it was a symptom, and did n't have it with my first three pregnancies.
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OMG, I'm finding it hilarious that I just gave you advice about taking care of your "bug" from over a year ago! And that the "bug" turned out to be a baby. ROTFLMAO!!
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I am experiencing the same thing but it's too early to test (8dpo). Please tell me, how long does this misery last??? I had to come home from work early today, I can't do that for THREE MONTHS!!


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Slightly T
I'm on the other end of the scale. I'm 36 weeks and I've had it really bad for about 3 days with no virus, etc. symptoms. It's mostly at night, but thankfully I had taken off from work on the worst day. I've been having painful braxton-hicks on a semi regular basis as well. Not regularly enough to call the mw (though I did call her apprentice yesterday and she said to lie down), but enough that I write down their times. Could that mean I might have this one soon??
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