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I've heard many times that front-loaders won't get cloth diapers clean, but my diapers are cleaner (based upon the SNIFF test and how often I need to re-wash "clean" loads) than they were before my old front-loading machine bit the dust last November.

I do have a super-hot "sanitary" cycle that heats the water above our child-safe water heater setting, and I know that helps. The more important thing is just running a quick wash on cold at least every 2 days.

My diapers needed vinegar about every other week with the old top-loader, and I use it maybe every 2 MONTHS now. Plus, my water bill went from $100/month to $100/quarter with no other changes in our usage.

I hope no one is afraid to get a front-loader because of comments they've read online!

I'm thinking of getting one of those manual "washing machine" deals that some of the eco-catalogs sell just to do a quick hand wash/soak of the poopy newborn diapers, but that's because DH thinks it is so gross to put poop in the washing machine. Since DS was a toddler when we got the new one, we were already at the stage where solid poops were lifted out of the diapers (I use rice paper liners) and flushed. DH would prefer that we never put poop in this washer.

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Willo- Tell me more about the manual washing machines??? Please. I have a front loader, and it just doesn't use enough water to rinse diapers out they way they should be. It does awsome on clothes, but actually when dd was potty training, I had problems with it not rinsing out single layer panties enough. So we have been talking about what our options are to improve things for this round of diapers (dd was potty learning when we got the front loader, and only in diapers part time for a few months). It sounds like your front loader is a lot better one than mine- mine only has a few settings and not a sanatize one. I think there is a huge variety amoung them of how well they work- if I had it to do over, I would definately get one with a sanatize option.
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My washing machine, which I've had since Nov. 2005, is an LG. I took the risk of a "new" brand (in the US) because it felt better than the Whirlpool I was considering (sturdier soap dispenser part, etc.) and I like their "direct drive", beltless design, plus their top-of-the-line model cost less than the best Whirlpool/Kenmore/etc. I've been thrilled with it.

Now, as for those manual "washing machine" doohickeys, which I've only seen in catalogs, not tried yet.

I've seen two types--one totally human-powered, and one you plug in.
(go to www.lehmans.com and search for Pressure Handwasher if this link doesn't work)

(This is an As Seen on TV type product--the Wonder Washer--and I'm assuming would be less robust than the first item. Might still work for a first quick poop dissolving wash for my needs, though!)

Of course, the first catalog I mentioned, Lehman's, is a store for non-electric living. They have old fashioned laundry tubs like the Amish use. I might just try their Rapid Washer (special baffled plunger for hand washing) and a wet bucket in my basement. It's worth trying for $13!

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Originally Posted by mother_nature View Post
I knit my own covers and longies but I also use the Motherease covers and Bummis wraps. I can't wait to start knitting for the new bundle. I'm going to start with my own variation of the LTK ribby wrap. I just need to spin and dye a complimentary color to what I have already.

Are there any other fiberjunkies in the DDC?
Yes!! I've been knitting things for our first for about 2-3 years. I am hopelessly addicted to nice yarn. I just finished my first pair of picky shorts, and have about a dozen soakers (LTK hybrid wrap and original soaker), and about 6 pair of longies ready. I want to make a few more pairs of shorts soon though.

I'm also sewing diapers, but since this is a first baby I'm praying like crazy that they will work!!! I've spent a lot of time on the CD making forum and had a friend come show me how she makes diapers.

I've collected several PUL covers and I hope to get some prefolds and AIOs before the baby arrives (I'm too chicken to make my own AIOs).
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We use prefolds and pins. With first DD I used nylon covers, but with this child it will be wool right from the beginning. I have started crocheting shorties and longies for this baby. They go alot faster than the longies I had been making for DD (26 months). I love wool!!!
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Anyone have good luck knitting soakers or longies out of anything other than wool? Both DH and I have true wool sensitivities. We've tried any number of premium and organic wool yarns, and none have failed to leave red welts on our skin. But I love to knit and would really like to make some soakers and shorties for the new baby coming this summer!
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I like fitteds and wool. I bought some kissaluvs with DS and looked at everyone's cloth diapers I could find. I thought they were all super expensive and so hauled out the sewing maching and bought the Fern and Faerie pattern. I made diapers out of old clothes and fabric scraps. I also got introduced to hemp fleece and felted wool. Now I make all my own with my own patterns that work super with my kids' body shapes. They are really lean! I felt my own wool and cashmere and with this baby plan on doing felted cashmere covers with fitteds. Like PP I don't use covers at the beginning and don't always use diapers. We do EC along with CD. I like to use laminated fleece/sandwhich fleece as a waterproof pad to lay baby on. You'll be surprised how quickly you catch on to when your naked baby needs to go. It's easy to catch and rinse the bowl that catches the poo and pee.
I think that for most folks, no one diaper is the best. Babies are all different shapes and sizes. Some have skinny legs and fat tummies and some are sumptious rolls of yummy fat. Some are long waisted and some are short waisted. I like to use eBay and look at used kids stores for old diapers/covers. There are a ton of wahms out there who make affordable diapers and covers. Some will even work with you on pricing once you've tested the product and want to place a big order. Look around, and most of all Have FUN!
It's so nice to have a cute butt rather than just a plain on sposie butt!!!
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Try cashmere or alpaca. You should have no problem lanolizing either. I've even accidently lanolized a fleece cover and it took quite a bit to get the lanolin off the fleece. Ha Ha Ha!
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Saratchka, try a llama/alpaca cover. I've got one, and it works. I can vouch for www.kusikuy.com. I've ordered from them twice and received very good service. They sell socks and things if you need to try out the fabric to be sure you aren't allergic!

I get itchy from even the best organic wool (though not nearly to the extent I do with acid-scoured wool!), but I can wear alpaca.

I've also known one woman who was cured of a wool allergy via homeopathy, but we've lost touch, so I can't tell you more than that.

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