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My Lunatic Family....

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Ok, so I went to visit my family, 2 1/2 hours away this weekend. I get there and everyone is at my Grandmother's house. She is pretty sick so we all spend as much time as possible with her. Well, I walk in and everyone is in the kitchen smoking. I stay in the den because I didn't want my 13 week old baby exposed to the smoke. Yes, I know that smoke travels, but I figure he was better off in a room where noone was smoking versus in the middle of several people who are. I get this lecture from all of them telling me that it wasn't that bad for him to be around the smoke. , that it's much worse for him to ride in a car and be exposed to those fumes. My uncle asks me why I won't bring Kaeleb in the kitchen. I asked him if he had read any medical journal or see any news broadcast in the past ten years that says second hand smoke is twice as bad as actually smoking? Then, I am asked what I am feeding the baby. I tell them that I am trying to relactate and supplementing with formula until I make enough milk to breastfeed exclusivly. He asks me why my child isn't getting cereal everyday? This is a man whose EIGHT MONTH old daughter gets (every bottle) whole milk mixed with rice cereal and cayro syrup . I told him that when he found any evidence that it was ok to feed his EIGHT MONTH old baby that crap, then he could give me advice on what to feed my child. Then, we go to his house and he is talking about his new porch and all of the yard work they are doing. He says that Tabby, the baby, sits in her swing or playpen while they do what they need to do. I said that Kaeleb rarely sits in a swing, and never in a playpen, we don't even own one, that I normally wear him and get what I need to get done (housework or hanging out laundry). He told me that I love my son TOO much and if I don't let him cry sometimes and continue to carry him all around that I am going to make him gay:LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL . I think I offended him by laughing in his face. Love my son too much, is that even possible?: . I am still laughing. It was really useless to try to explain to him that carrying my son was a form of bonding that starts building trust.....he was clueless.:
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Are we related? lol My Grandma smokes in her house even while grandpa has the oxygen going! No clue. And A stranger told me my DD will be a lesbian b/c she was breastfed-I told her I love my gay baby!!
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Originally posted by bebesho2
And A stranger told me my DD will be a lesbian b/c she was breastfed-I told her I love my gay baby!!

That's all i have to say..

Warm Squishy feelings...

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