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Well, I did the pushing "like those women on tv" and it was horrible. I pulled muscles, burst blood capillaries on my face. My eyes were bulging out of my head and I felt like I was pushing so hard my internal organs were going to come out with the baby. THAT IS NOT NORMAL AND NOT NECESSARY. With my other births I did instinctive spontaneous pushing -- meaning I allowed the pushing to happen as an involuntary reflex. Basically I just labored until my body made the baby come down. Any pushing I did was completely involuntary -- I couldn't have not done it if I'd tried. Because it was allowed to happen spontaneously, my body was truly ready for it, so second stage was quick in all those births -- not more than 10 minutes. And aside from the ring of fire (which was brief) it felt good.
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It was all easy, though pushing went much faster and smoother than I thought it would. With my first, I thought I'd have to push for hours and wasn't looking forward to it. I pushed for 5 minutes. I pushed for less than a minute (4 small pushes) with DD2.
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don't push at all. let your body take over. with my first i pushed 1.5 hours cuz i was 10 cms and that's what you are supposed to do, right? i know that if i had waited, my body would have done it on its own.

with my second, i didn't want to know when i was 10 cms so i wouldn't feel the outside 'pressure' to push. so when my body started pushing, there was nothing i could do to stop it. i could have aided it, by adding force to it but there was no way i could stop. it's like heaving or vomiting, completely involuntary. with second baby, only abou 10 minutes pushing, 3 maybe 4 contractions.
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I really wish I had had one of those great pushing experiences! I admit it, I'm jealous. I wish I'd had an urge or that my body had just pushed the baby out itself . . . I waited over 7 hrs for that to happen . . . and none of the above.

ARRRRGH I hope my body does a better job next time!!

dd 10 mos
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I didn't find it exhausting at all and pushed for 1,5 hours..in the end she just came out by herself....I grunted because my body pushed, not me...press your stomach muscles together and yous see what I mean, you can't talk or anything, just grunt
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I never held my breath for pushing. I have some experience weight-lifting, and the mindset is pretty much the same. I breathed and grunted while pushing. I know from athletics that holding your breath while exercizing will not make you stronger, just the opposite. It will just leave you out of breath and weak (starved for oxygen). My noises were from work, not pain. I don't remember it hurting. I didn't break any blood vessels in my eyes or face.

ETA: The contractions hurt, but the baby coming out didn't hurt. The act of pushing didn't hurt. Just my uterus hurt because of contractions.
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I just had a VBAC a week ago and pushing was the easiest part. Three sets of easy pushes and we were done. I'm not in the best shape and was a bit worried that that would negatively affect our birth, but the pushing part went very smoothly.
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pushing with the urge was easy and felt great - ring of fire makes you catch your breath but you know you're almost there so it's reassuring too. contrax were far less intense than transition.

pushing w/o the urge is plain old work. won't be doing that again! (just had it with#1).

do NOT push in a position you don't like. i was upright with 2 but wanted to be down with 3, ended up on my side which was perfect - she came out slowly since i didnt push hard.
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I too felt that pushing was a huge relief. I did have pain down below as my son's head was being born, I'm not going to lie - that part really hurt! But the pushing somehow helped the contraction pain, I was finally able to work with my body and DO something that helped everything feel much better. I'd had an urge to push way too soon, so when I finally could, it was a great relief.

I think my best suggestion would be to push to your comfort. Try to work with your body, push when you feel the need, push as long/hard as is comfortable for YOU. And do try to get gravity on your side! Squatting is great, tires out your legs but it really does help get the baby down!

I know you can do it!!
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With my last birth, I found it much harder to not push than it was to push. I was trying to blow through contractions and at each peak, my body was pushing anyhow and slowly that pushing time became a bit longer and longer until it was the full contraction. Oh, and the ring of fire thing, I didn't even feel it with #3 because I was so caught up in the pushing urge feeling that I couldn't feel anything else. It is intense, but it is a very rewarding part of labor!!

There is such a difference between pushing when told and pushing when your body does it, a HUGE difference in how it feels. With my last birth at one point I was told to go ahead and start pushing.... and it felt so wrong, so wrong... even though my body had been pushing on the peaks of contractions anyhow. So, I was a bit relieved when I was told that DDs head was in a funky position and there was a lip and I needed to instead work through and blow through contractions to give it time to resolve. I instead tried to blow through contractions and wasn't coached to push to counts of 10, which was much nicer.

Don't be afraid! It looks scary because it can be the loudest part and it is physically intense, but it isn't bad. And the part that feels sooooooo good is you know you are really, really, really close to meeting your baby! It is like at that point you know for sure that this labor wasn't a false alarm and everything that you have been waiting for is about to happen in just a matter of moments. It is wonderful!

(oh man, now I think I wanna have another one!)
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i found pushing very difficult. i had a hard time focusing enough to push because i just wanted to escape the pain and pressure. finally, my midwife made a tug-o-war rope out of a bedsheet and she played tug-o-war with me as i leaned back (at an angle.) this was EXCEPTIONALLY hepful because it helped me focus on the motion and symmetry of pushing. as soon as i learned how to do this, i got the hang of it.

the next key for me was pushing slowly, even though i wanted the baby OUT asap. i pushed for quite a while, but because i pushed slowly, i was rewarded with no tearing. and i had a nearly 11 lb. baby at home!

i couldn't have done it without midwives who were on their toes, offering different ideas. some of the ideas didn't work, but once we found something that did, it made all the difference in the world. i know that most people say that you have to just trust yourself to do what you think feels right, but sometimes the pain is too blinding to think of solutions! and no matter how much you prepare ahead of time, you really have no idea what the birth will be like until you are in the midst of it.
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It depends. Each birth is different.

baby #1 - I pushed for 3 1/2 hours. It hurt, but it wasn't actually difficult to push. It was much harder to remain in a squat for most of it!

baby #2 - I couldn't NOT push. My body pretty much did the pushing for me except for the final few pushes. Not hard at all. And he was 9lbs. 5oz!

baby #3 - I didn't get a tremendous urge to push, but I felt like it was time, so I pushed. It was hard work for some reason. I really gave it everything I had.
But I felt fine right afterwards, and certainly no bulging veins or broken blood vessels...I think that's only when women are directed to push or have people telling them to hold their breath and count. :
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Pushing is different for everyone IMO

I didn't push hard.... Rachel came out in a breath. I let my body do it. Go with the wave, relax, be passive, your body will do it, it's quite hard to resist a pushing urge. At some point, my body was "pushing" but I didn't want to, I was saying "stop, stop" because I was afraid of tearing. It was impossible to resist it though. I think you shouldn't have veins bulging and all, surely it means that you need to wait you're more dilatated?
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Originally Posted by Romana9+2 View Post
It was the hardest work I've ever done in my life (and I've run marathons), but it wasn't that bad. For me, pushing didn't last very long (25 min). It was a bit of a trial b/c I expected to feel relief when pushing, but it hurt just as much (or more) than the last 7 hours or so, which had been very painful. Also, I never had a pushing urge; in fact, I'd been "waiting" at 9++ cm for over 7 hours for that urge that just never came. So I had to push without an urge, which was fine, b/c you just do what you do when pooping, except more. However, I do have to say that I simply loathed and hated the pushing part and the feeling of pushing. It was very, very painful for me, plus it just felt . . . awful!

I second pushing when you feel the urge to push, but there's always a chance you may never have an urge. Even when I was pushing, there was no urge - I was just "choosing" to push when I felt a contraction. Bottom line, everyone has a different experience. I hope you have one of the "easy" "I liked pushing" experiences!
: except that I pushed for 3 hours after 15 hours of labor. I had expected pushing to feel satisfying, as so many women seem to have had that experience.
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post
The most common advice I've seen for pushing, from people who enjoyed their births is WAIT.

Just because you're 10cm doesn't mean the baby's ready to come out. Let your body start pushing on it's own.

"foetal ejection reflex" is a good term to look at...
That's some really good advice! Don't push before you're ready, and you won't tire out. And there is noooooooo guessing as to when you'll be ready! Your body will TELL you, sista!!

Also, it doesn't really hurt to push, either. My midwife took olive oil and massaged my perineum while I was in the pushing stage...so it helped me to stretch nicely. When the baby's head (or bum) starts to come out, it puts pressure on your perineum and cuts off circulation - - and your sense of feeling. So you don't really feel all that stretching action that is going on. It's pretty cool the way that God designed our bodies!
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i had been doing up to 200 kegels per day prior to delivery, and i think that helped pushing be very automatic - i didn't push until i felt the urge, and i didn't have pushing coached, even though i was in the hospital. it didn't feel like hard work at all... it did feel like having a bowel movement... i was disappointed that the pain of contractions didn't melt away into the work of pushing like i'd heard some women describe... i just continued to feel the pain of contractions strongly but with an added sensation of pressure.

at first i tried the breathing technique recommended by the bradley method where on each pushing contraction you take a couple relaxing breaths first and then a pushing breath... but it made absolutely no sense to me in the moment... so i quit that right away and just listened to my body. however... he was coming fast and i was in a semi-reclining position and i did end up tearing fairly badly... the OB asked me towards the end to hold off on pushing, but like i said, it was so automatic that i couldn't *not* do it...oh well...
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Well, like others said it's different for everyone but pushing for me was easy. I had an all natural labor and delivery with a midwife in a hospital. No one told me when to push. I just started doing it because my body pretty much made me do it, lol. My midwife said just listen to my body and go along with it. I didn't think I would want to push on my back but surprised myself by doing just that, with the head of the bed up. It's weird, I had all these ideas of how I was going to labor and I didn't do any of it. I wanted to be up and walking/standing but my labor was going so fast that it's like I knew to stay in bed (it seemed to slow things down a little so I could handle it) and that's where I felt most comfortable. Anyways.....pushing was a great change in labor, for me. Instead of just relaxing and riding the contractions out I was able to actually do something with them and the intensity of it all was easier to deal with. Like someone else said, pushing is like throwing up. When you let your body guide you to that point you just have to do it. I didn't purple push at all and only pushed about 5 minutes total. For me, the actual pushing didn't hurt. It started to feel really uncomfortable when the head was crowning. I was very quite throughout everything but I was screaming in my head all of these thoughts, lol. When that head is being born you keep thinking there is no way I'm going to open up anymore than this and then you do. I kept saying that to myself over and over, lol. After that head is out it feels so much better! The shoulders and the rest of the body weren't that bad at all. I mean there's alot of pressure and your opening up more again but nothing like the head.

I so hope you get the birth that you want! I wish that for every woman.
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Fetal ejection reflex, baby!

I won't lie, it was the most painful part of the labor for me, but there was no "effort" or I should say "intent" from me to push. My body just did it. I was on autodrive, my body was just deep in the process and doing its thing. I had no birth attendant there when the pushing urge came, no one telling me that I was "ready" or not to push, and so my conscious brain had no part in it whatsoever. In fact, I did not realize that all that intense pressure was pushing until my son's head just popped out and I reached down and received him into my hands.

(I was in the shower by the way, and will add as a side note that this convinced me of the awesome power of the body. I always planned to recieve my baby and even though I was standing in a hard tiled shower catching a wet, slippery newborn, and not expecting him to come that instant, I still DID IT! If anything, that would be the situation where one would think that you couldn't catch the baby, but my body just automatically did what it had to do to protect him. )

I suggest reading UC stories to see people's experiences with instinctive laboring, and pushing in particular. Good luck with your HBA2C!
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Originally Posted by nannyboo View Post
i know that most people say that you have to just trust yourself to do what you think feels right, but sometimes the pain is too blinding to think of solutions!
I think there is a misunderstanding here. It's not about using your brain to figure out what to do, it's about letting your body figure out what to do and letting your instincts guide you. So more accurately, it's that you trust your body to compel you to do what it needs you to do.
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