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Our Birth announcement

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I had a baby boy Tues Jan 16 @ 5:37 pm. His name is James Thomas he wieghed in at 7.5lbs and 21".
His is bfing like a champ!
Labour was 15 hrs but only 5 hrs of hard labour. He was almost born in his sac but I requested they break it b/c I was having a hard time.
I am so thrilled he is here!
Labour vibes to the ladies who are left! ******
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Wonderful news! Congratulations, Laura. Welcome to the world, baby James Enjoy your babymoon, mama. (Thanks for the labor vibes )
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And thanks for the labor vibes- hopefully they'll work!
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: Welcome, Baby James! : Happy Babymoon to you both!
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Congratulations and welcome to baby James!!
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