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Anyone know of VBAC friendly OBs or hopsitals in Cincinnati area?

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I had an emergency c-section in October 2005 for fetal distress (baby reacted badly to internal monitor). We plan to begin trying this spring/summer for another baby and I really would like to have a VBAC. I already spoke w/my OB about it and she said I'd be a good candidate if my baby is around 7 lbs, but if it's as big as the last one (8lbs, 4oz) she wouldn't recommend it.

That bothered me for a couple reasons - first, I've heard that pre-birth size estimates can be WAY off (I know a girl who just had her baby yesterday. She was induced three weeks early bc the Dr said the baby was already about 10 lbs. The baby only weighed 6lbs 7 oz when she was born). Also, I've read that the size of the baby doesn't necessarily increase the risk of a VBAC.

As much as I like my OB, I would really like to know I'm going to get my shot at a VBAC and not be told at the last minute that it's not a good idea (unless, of course, there really is some big risk).

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You are right on both counts. Size doesnt affect vbac safety, and weight estimates can be off by 2 pounds or more.
You should look into ICAN. They will probably have a chapter in your area and you can ask there about hospitals/obs. You can probably also subscribe to a mailing list of some sort for them. www.ican-online.com is the main website.
Also, your best bet is almost always a midwife, so you should think about that as well. If your ob is already setting the stage for an excuse then I would bet money she is not going to be supportive, or she will say she is till the last minute - which is what so many of them do.

good luck!
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I'd shop around. Ask some very specific questions about what an OB would do in certain situations (if you are in fact absolutely set on having an OB, if not, go for a MW!). What will the ob do if you go overdue? What sort of c/s statistics does he/she have and how many of his/her VBAC patients go on to being successful?

There's no way your OB could tell before birth how big the baby truly was even IF that was the problem and sounds like a easy cop out to convince you to just sign up for a c/s at the last second. Besides, there's absolutely no indication whatsoever from your previous birth that you wouldn't be able to handle a larger than average baby so giving the "7lbs or nothing" really is unreal...

Good luck!!!
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VBAC Friendly Doc

I have had three csections and Dr. Bowen on Springfield Pike was willing to let me try to have a natural birth as long as things progressed well!
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I second Dr. Bowen. He is the most vbac-friendly (and natural birth-friendly) OB in Cincinnati. He attends births at Mercy Fairfield and Bethesda North.

Also, go to an ICAN meeting if you can. The meetings are the second Sunday of every month from 3-5:00pm at the Midwives Care building in Northside. For more info, you can locate the local chapter at their Yahoo group address: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ICANCincinnati/. The leaders, mamas and doulas that attend the meetinggs are extremely knowledgeable. Also, the group message board is a good place to post your question.
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I went to Bowen for my prenancy (had my baby in Nov) and I would recommend him. There were some things that annoyed/concerned me about him/his office, but none of them related to quality of care or overall vbac support. I had my baby at Mercy Fairfield and had no complaints other than the beds are hard as a brick and the food is awful. I guess that's to be said about every hospital, though.

If your current dr is saying you shouldn't have a baby over 8lbs 4ozs, then I would swich now. I've had two appox 9.5 lbers - my first was "too big", but the second was 4ozs larger, but fit fine. Funny how that happens. :
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