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I didn't put this in the Thyroid Thread as I didn't want it buried.

I am starting on Armour Thyroid today.

What should I expect? I mean, when will I feel a difference?

I have gone from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid in just 1.5 months (my TSH went from <0.07 in September to <0.01 in November to 12.75 this past Monday). UGH..............

I feel like crap , and have for a long while (which is why I saw the doctor in September, when we learned about the thyroid being whacked).

I'm hot/cold. Fatigue is making me a wreck. Heart palpatations (hpm are sometimes as high as 200+) and breathlessness when I'm not doing anything to increase it. Memory is shot. Muscle aches. Weight gain (despite excellent exercising for an hour 5 days a week since September at the gym). Cholesterol spiked from 180 to 297 in that same time frame.

I saw the doc yesterday and he suggested I start on Armour Thyroid for a month and see what happens. He prefers the natural to the synthetic. I have no clue as to which is "better". I am to see an endocrinologist on February 6th.

So, I filled the RX for the Armour Thyroid and took one this morning. The dosage is 1 gram per day.

Any ideas on when I might feel better or, at least, a change? He said it might make me feel jittery, to call him if it does. Oh, goody, one more bad feeling.......... ((I'm not sure what "jittery" means, exactly, so I figured I'd call him if I feel weird! That is, weirder than I already feel.))

Any advice? Thanks, in advance.........