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Edema (TMI??)

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Last night at dinner I noticed some discomfort near my labia and vulva area. It was very swollen and felt like it was being pinched just on the inside of the labia. I had a visit with my midwife and she thinks that it is an area of edema. She suggested soaking in a pool up to my chin to try to equalize the pressure. Have any of you experienced this or have any ideas of what to do? She thinks it will probably not go away till the baby is born (i'm due the 29th). I'm desperate for it to go away b/c it hurts like crap....Any thoughts???
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Can't say I have any advice, but the bath sounds soothing. Certainly would be worth a try.
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My cousin went through something similar (though much earlier and it continued throughout her pregnancy) and she said her nightly 45 minutes in the pool helped tremendously. I hate to tell you this, but hers lasted until delivery just as your mw said. Sorry for your discomfort, I hope you feel better soon!
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Ouch! No advice, sorry. Just sympathy!
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I have/had the same thing. What helped me was to put a cool (like refridgerator cold, not freezer) compress on it when it was really bad. Besides that, I learned that it helped if I also made sure that I never sat on hard surfaces like wooden chairs. Pillows helped tremendously when I sat down. I also made sure not to sit for too long.

I hope you get some relief from the bath, too. I know how much it can hurt.
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I've had something similar although it's only on one side and seems more like a vericose vein under the surface (you can't see it). It is very painful, I sympathise!!
My MW is trained in hydrotherapy and she suggested alternating hot and cold cloths. I don't know if that would work for edema too but the cold cloth with a little witchhazel on it would probably be very relieving for you. It's my most recent favorite. I asked DH if I could just lay in bed all day and he could keep rotating cloths for me to keep them cold.
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Ouch! I'm having edema just about everywhere but there and my midwife has me taking 2 30-45 min tepid baths a day and it helps IMMENSELY. She also has me drinking dandelion and nettle teas, about 3 cups/day to help reduce edema. Maybe that would help you, too? good luck!
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