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"You'll never be able to put him down!"

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I wanted to talk to you all about a very serious issue. It's been plaguing the nation for years, but has recently begun to affect record numbers of women. I'm sure you've seen someone like Sandra on the street: she's in the prime of her life, but she's walking hunched over, bowed down by the weight of her eighteen-year-old child. He's smoking cigarettes and talking on his cellphone to his friends, all the while enjoying a free ride on his poor, suffering mother's back. If only someone had told Sandra when her son was a baby, before it was too late. Because you see, if you carry your baby too much, you'll never be able to put him down. Not ever.

Sandra is not alone- women like her all over the country are finding themselves burdened with adult children permanetly affixed to their backs and chests. And men aren't immune to the problem either- they've even been seen with teenagers stuck to their shoulders, making it impossible for them to fit through doorways and tunnels.

This doesn't have to happen to you. Put your baby down, while you still can.

This public service message has been brought to you by the Coalition of Nosy Old Ladies at the Mall, and also by the National Federation of Pushy Mothers-In-Law.
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ROFL!! thanks for the laugh!

And isn't it a shame how those above mothers are further tied down by STILL breastfeeding between college classes AND still having to share their bed with full grown children.
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This is exactly what I always tell people who say "you are ALWAYS holding him" "can't you ever get anything done" "you are spoiling him and he will always want to be held"

I just say it in a less sarcastic way. My kids will grow up soon. My 13 year old has no problem with me not holding her all the time--same goes for my 7 year old. I will enjoy every precious moment with my little one b/c soon I won't be able to hold him all the time-he won't want me to!!!
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thanks for the laugh!
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I'm thinking we might need to create some pamphlets to hand out to people. Knowlegde is power.
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Its' so weird, because I've like NEVER had anyone tell me I hold my kids too much . I must be hard of hearing or no one wants to talk to me
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rofl that's just too funny.
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: I'm dying here! Thanks for the laugh mama!
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Thanks y'all. I thought of it because after receiving one of those comments where the person kept stressing "NEVER," I kept thinking "oh really? NEVER?" and picturing a surly 18-year-old stuffed into a mei tai on his mom's back, and it was cracking me up.
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Very funny!

I have gotten those negative comments before too. : It's funny that you mentioned "nosey old ladies at the mall" though because some of the nicest comments I have gotten about wearing my baby are from old ladies, and old men for that matter. I've had lots of elderly folks stop me and say nice things like "Oh she looks so happy...she is right where she should be" or "I wish they made those things back when I had babies." Most of the negative stuff seems to come more from people around my parent's age. Weird...maybe AP skipped a generation.
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Yeah I want some pamphlets to hand out!
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I only wish my DS would want to be held for years... imagine all the pretty carriers I would be able to collect!
Only 23mo, and all he wants now is to walk everywhere... and this is a boy who LIVED in my carriers until around 1yo!
If only people realized how fast they grow
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OMG, you are so funny!

I do agree with the pp, though. Elders seem happier to see babies being held and carried than people my age, even.
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that's so true- I have gotten some great, approving comments from older ladies. I have also gotten some unsolicited bad advice from them. but yay to the wise elders out there who get it and are supportive.
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That's a similar answer that I give to people who are afraid that my kids will never sleep on their own:

Oh, I hope by the time they get married, they'll have moved to the floor.:
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lmao, thanks
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Ha, so funny!
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