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Need Advice - (x-posted in hb)

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Ok - so I am 41w4d - i went in today for an NST and a biophysical - the biophysical came back that the amniotic fluid was low - it was actually 4.1cm. Everything that I had read before going said that in order to get the 2pts alloted to that portion of the test for fluid vol the level had to be greater than to equal to 2cms. The told me that the cut off point for them at this hospital was 5cm - and that would be the bare min for the levels to be considered normal.

So they sent me up to have the NST. When I got there I talked to a MW from the birthcenter (which is across the rd - and i had originally been going there before I decided to go with the homebirth). She told me that with the low fluid levels that they would recommend that I stay and be admitted and start with the cervical gel - but that first they should do the NST because if that was perfectly normal and the baby looked healthy, that would give me more options and they would be more open to giving me the gel and then letting me go home rather than admitting me (hopefully then i would go into labor and have my baby at home). So we have the NST (at this pt my hb mw was there helping hold the monitor on the baby) - well the NST results were perfect, not one instance where it was bad and several times where the heartbeat sped up with her movement. So I expected that we could talk about the gel or going home, etc like she promised. Well this wasnt the case. The mw comes back in and said that they were still recommending that I be admitted and that regardless of whether i wanted to be admitted tonight or tomorrow, they really thought that I should have my baby at the hospital. She started talking about how with the low fluid levels that could contribute to increase cord prolapse problems (although my mw could feel her head at the cervix yesterday and we told them that) and also that since the levels were low that that pointed toward there being meconium.... WTF?? Why would that have anything to do with meconium and how could that have anything to do with the lower fluid level anyway.

Well, to make an already long story as short as I can - we convinced them to let me go home and try to drink a ton of water tonight and repeat the biophysical tomorrow morning at 830 and see if maybe we could get it up above there 5cm cut of level.

I need advice - what does anyone who knows about this stuff think? What levels have you ladies ever know as being normal for the afv? What does that have to do with the cord and meconium??

Thanks :
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Oh, Katie, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. I don't have experience with it, but I wanted to offer a

I hope that you go into labor tonight, and they will get off your back. What about something not as strong as the gel such as semen or EPO? I'm sure you're probably already tried that stuff. I am thinking of you; I hope that you are in labor right now!
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I have been using the epo and having sex for a few weeks now. My mw was going to recommend that I try castor oil on monday which would be the 42 weeks mark - but I am thinking I maybe should do that tonight given that I might not have the opportunity again to be at home (unless i was a UC).

I just wonder if the castor oil will just ensure that there is meconium and then when I end up having to deliver in the hosp. they will have just one more thing to tell me that they were right about, given that they already told me that there was probably meconium anyway.
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Oh yuck. I'm sorry you're going through this, Katie. I don't have any specific advice or experience with your fluid levels question. I hope you're able to go into labor on your own tonight. The "help" of health care professionals can be so intrusive, especially surrounding births.

Katie's baby: It's time to come out now! Yummy milk is waiting for you!!

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I had a biophysical today too with a NST. (BTW not in your DDC, but could not give you my input)
I was told that if all 4 quadrants of fluid measured below 10cm it was not good. So 4 cm seems really low to me.
I though am only 28 weeks and hav ean IUGR baby, not sure if that makes a difference in the fluid levels.
I have to be admitted to the hopsital if my levels drop below 10cm.
Go with your gut though. Low levels can mean a stressed baby and the more stress the more likely meconium staining. That is what I was told at least. Also if the fluid is low there is less cushion for the cord to float around in therefore it could prolapse.
Maybe tomm your levels will be higher and you can birth where you want to.
I had to give up my plan of a doula and natural birth because of this whole IUGR thing....I know how hard it is.
Good luck
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I had this very same issue at 36 weeks. I did opt for the csection, in the hospital and I had it done that day. Keagan had 4.2cms of fluid and was breech. He could not move because of the lack of fluid. He also had a knot in his cord and the placenta had started to deteriorate and that was the cause for the low fluid. If I had waited, he might not have made it another week.

Best of luck and I hope you get the birth you wanted but more importantly, I wish you a healthy and happy baby!
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