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Ectopic pregnancy or ovarian cyst?

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I'm having intermittent pinching pain in my right side which is what I felt once with an ovarian cyst, but am wondering could this be an ectopic pregnancy? Has anyone dealt with either of these and could provide some insight? Thanks!

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I have experienced the cyst but not during pregnancy. I don't have advice to give you on that however I want to tell you to be careful DTD until you find out. Dec 2005 I had one rupture while DTD. It put me in the hospital for 2 days. Don't want to scare you I just know it was the WORST pain that I have ever felt and I want to stop ANYONE from going thru that. I had no previous history of cyst...never knew I had one. It took doctors hours to figure out what happened. Finally an OB said what it was and said it is one of the worst pains a women will ever go thru INCLUDING childbirth. I've never had a child but I believe it.

Sorry I don't have much info on your actual question. Again, I just wanted to pass this info...just in case. I have felt like I felt a sharp pains in that lower area but I assumed it was gas. I would definitley follow up with OB or midwife.
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I had an ectopic pregnancy last May. I was pregnant for two months without knowing it. I had two light periods during that time. Then at the end of the second period, I got some bright red blood and a bit of cramping on one side. I thought it was just something odd about my period and ignored it, but it didn't go away. After a few days, I took a pregnancy test just to rule that out and got a very faint line. I knew that meant something strange since I had to be at least two months pregnant (based on last possible conception opportunity!). I went to the hospital's walk-in clinic and they got me an ultrasound, where they saw a mass on my ovary. They put me under a general and did surgery the same day to remove it, and my OB confirmed later that it was an ectopic pregnancy. (They thought there was a chance it was just a cyst.) I had had no symptoms until the rupture (what caused the bleeding), which would have tipped me off if I'd known I was pregnant, since I should have had pregnancy symptoms and I didn't.

From what my doctor said, low hcg levels are a strong indication of something being wrong, like an ectopic or a miscarriage in progress. If I were you, I'd check a test strip now if you have one and see how dark the line is, just to get a better idea what's going on immediately. Then get an appointment for an ultrasound as soon as possible, to find out for sure.

I hope you're just having some cramps and nothing is wrong. Good luck!
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I had the same symptoms, and there was a cyst. The follow up was just to check on it. It resolved itself shortly thereafter, as most do. I had the same with a previous pregnancy. Good luck and try not to worry, as difficult as that may be.
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I have been having a pinching/sharp pain on my right side too. It didn't hurt as bad at first, but it has gotten worse over the weeks. I think in an eptopic if you are past 8 or 9 weeks the tube would rupture by then, but I would go to your mw or doc to besure. Mine are saying ligament pain, but I don't think that's what it is. I've had 4 kids and know what that feels like...
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