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Thank you!
Yeah the more I read, the more I feel reinforced in my decision to refuse induction. Now if the NST isn't good, that's another story. But I don't know how to evaluate those myself so, I'm looking at taking the word of others at face value there.
I wonder where my GBS+ comes into play here too. I don't think the midwife on call when I was there last necessarily knew about it.
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no advice here, just . sounds like a really frustrating situation
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Thanks for the support
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My fluid was a 5 today so they're leaving me alone for the moment. The NST was good too. Yay!
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Ohh that's really good news... maybe this will give you enough time to go into labor on your own!! I hope so!!
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Cross posted from the Birth Professionals forum

For any following this, here's my update:

I had my appointment with my midwife today and it went very well. She felt the baby said that there seemed to her to be ample fluid, more than they were detecting from the u/s. She said that her feelings/intuition about this mirrored mine and admitted that alot of that stuff is just legal, that she can't write "ample fluid detected via palpation" in my chart since it wouldn't hold up in court. She said that she agreed with me on all points and trusted my judgement and mental capacity to make these decisions. She even got emotional about it when she said that felt at peace and that all was well with the baby.
I am a happy woman today
Thanks for the support.
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I had my 3rd NST today and it was "just great" just like the other two. 3rd AFI is Friday, I wish they would just leave me alone. All these appointments are messing with DH's sleep schedule (3rd shift SUCKS) so he's tired all the time and doesn't get a lot done around the house, and I'm not allowed to do a whole lot either. My fluid's not going to change just by looking at it. Why is it that the "bad" ultrasound is correct and the one that said I'm just fine means that bedrest and lots of appointments makes my fluid go up?
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Dooney I had the same thing at first, 2 AFI's, one was fine, one wasn't...They chose the one that wasn't. Honestly as long as the NST's are good, I don't place any weight on the AFI. Especially since (I was told this today) being a plus size mom can throw off the numbers. Numbers that I assume were "off" to begin with!
It's disgusting how much stock they put in that stupid test. My midwife admitted to me today that she has induced people for low fluid (under the order of Dr. Crisis of course) only to have them gush tons of water. She tells me stuff that she doesn't tell other people lol.
Anyway it was good to have my feelings confirmed and to have her back me up.
It's a sad fact though that someone else (less informed) will just take everything at face value and be another failed induction/c section statistic.
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