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Marg called the State Department hotline, and they will have a list of the victims tomorrow. I can't believe this really finally happened. We always thought that the fanatics might hit the residential compounds, or try to blow up the American school.

Our villa was on the first cul de sac to the left of the front gate. I'll bet it's gone, since most of the blasts occurred at or near the front gates. This is really weird, we spent a lot of time in Kuta, Bali, too. We have been to the sites of two major terror attacks. Where next???
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The Saudis and Americans are reaping a bitter harvest from the seeds they have planted. They permitted the sickness that is wahhabism to flourish and spread all over the world. It is going to take a long time and a lot of work to pull out the weeds.

I am very sorry for the families who were hurt by this, I am glad that you had the good sense to forsee this and leave HB.
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I think you're safe in the cheese state.

This must be so shocking to you I can only imagine how odd it must feel knowing a place you and your family lived is most likely gone.

The latest I'm hearing is that the finger is being pointed at Binladen an company.

Sorry about my spelling tonight - I'm just too tired to look for the correct spellings.
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I am fine. My family is fine. Those compounds were near the area we live but not near enough that I heard the blasts or felt them. I was oblivious until this morning.

Sad and scary times we live in.
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I, too, was worrying about you since the moment I heard about it this AM. Thanks for posting I was starting to panic! I really feel like I'm in a bad film lately - it is all so surreal. And of course, the US is totally guiltless!: for you and yours!
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El Casey S, we're the 'poor innocent victums' don't you know?: I'm just so upset by this.

Cynthia I'm so thankfull you and your family are ok. I was worried sick last night.
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I'm relieved you posted Cynthia. I was worried too.
HB, how long ago did you move away? I really hope your friends are okay. Take care. Tiff
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I have gotten replies back from most of my friends in Riyadh. It appears that my old compound did not sustain much damage. There are large concrete barriers all around the compound, which make it difficult to bring in large trucks laden with explosives. This is a holdover from the days when some black bag people lived there; they all left in 2000. The barriers remained, however, and some people were unhappy about it, because it made it more difficult to get in and out of the compound. I'll bet they're happy now. There was some minor damage, but it may have been the result from the shockwave from the Al-Hamra blast.

I have seen many pictures from Al-Hamra, and it is very badly damaged. Dutch colleagues on the ground report at least 20 fatalities. A close colleague of mine is hospitalized, status unknown. His villa was apparently quite close to the blast area. Al-Hamra had very lax security compared to my compound. It is also one of the biggest compounds in Riyadh. I'm not at all surprised that they were a target, and that they sustained heavy damage. In the past, some people there tended to have a bit of an elitist attitude.

I also recognized the destroyed front gate at Jadawel compound. I don't think the attackers were able to get past the gate, as there were retractable metal barriers which would prevent a vehicle from entering the compound area.

I don't recognize the fourth compound, which was also very damaged. There is a multiple story apartment building which was destroyed there. The three compounds I am familiar with had no buildings taller than two stories.

It sounds really bad over there.
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The BBC says that is was 3 compounds and then a business. Could the one you don't recognize be the business?
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I am so glad that so far everyone is safe...phew!

Now on another note: does anyone else find it interesting that the timing of this coincides with terrorism drills in the US?


Just an interesting co-ink-ee-dink, I am sure.

Joyce in the mts.
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Joyce, I was thinking that myself.

This incident really has me ruffled. I don't know why, but I have this feeling of dread that I can't seem to shake
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Bush is on. He just said that we will find these terrorists and make them pay with 'American justice'.

HAAAA Like we did Binladen after 9/11 and oh, we did such a good job with Hussein didn't we!

Sorry for the sarcasm. I'm just sick about this.

Top it off with the fact that this was a SUICIDE BOMBING! Where does he think we'll find those responsible?

I'd just like to know his EXACT definition of American Justice
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Originally posted by Ms. Mom

I'd just like to know his EXACT definition of
American Justice
I think the Bush administration has made that pretty clear.

Step One: Get on television and make some threatening statements

Step Two: Pass legislation that retricts the constitutional rights of American citizens

Step Three: Bomb innocent people in the search for 'whoever is responsible'

Step Four: Make sure to never find 'whoever is responsible"

Step Five: Make threatening statements toward a country that had absolutely no involvement. So since this happened in Saudi Arabia, its pretty clear to me that Syria must PAY.
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So very sad. I am glad our MDC'rs are all ok...but so grieved for the families that suffered loss.

Ms Mom/mahdokt: I hear you, now what?!
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ITA, Mahdokht. But I would also add:

6. Propose additional tax cuts for upper income brackets and business incentives on the ground of bolstering national security.
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The latest information I have received from a friend in Riyadh, is that at least two of my former colleagues have been injured, and one was killed. I have also heard that a girl, who may have been in my daughter's class, is unaccounted for.
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I have already heard from friends that a girl is missing from my daughters class at the American Int'l School.........This is a girl whose name I remember. She was a friend of my daughters. Hopefully they will find her.

My husband has already heard that one of his former workmates is dead and a couple of others are injured(not sure how badly). We are receiving e-mails from several different friends about what is going on there. I am just so shocked about it all........

Thanks for your words on this thread.

~ This was exactly the reason I left the compound. Jon and I always felt uncomfortable after 9/11.

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Sending my love to you and your family. This is the 9/11 in Saudi. I'm just numb. Hold you daugher tight tonight.
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I guess HB and I were thinking alike again.
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I've been worried for Cynthia and Marg and HB most of the day as I ran around doing errands. I'm happy to know Cynthia safe and I will keep HB and Marg in my thoughts.

I can imagine how I'd feel if I heard my old home in SF had been the target of a bomb.
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