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I am so sorry about your friends, Hilary and Marg.

Cynthia, I am glad you are okay.

This is all so sad.
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I've had a bad thought...

Last week, Saudi security forces fought with 19 alleged terrorists, who presumably are responsible for the bombings last night. The 19 men escaped capture, and are at large. Saudi authorities have found nine bodies in the bomb sites that they believe are the terrorists. What's happened to the other ten? Perhaps they are still lying in wait, planning additional bombings in the Kingdom. Maybe they will bomb some schools next, or large hotels. I don't think this round is over yet.
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Originally posted by Ms. Mom

This incident really has me ruffled. I don't know why, but I have this feeling of dread that I can't seem to shake
That is surely an intended reaction on the part of those responsible.

I'm so glad our esteemed and well-respected administration is pursuing its level-headed and well thought out course of action in the Middle East, taking good account of the complexities and differences of the region and comprehending the possible reasons various groups turn to terrorism rather than simply dismissing any rationales for attacks out of hand apart from cold blood-lust or hatred of "freedom;" it will surely help prevent such attacks in the future. :
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Okay, this is way off subject but can someone explain compounds to me? I was looking at the websites and was not expecting to find Preschools.

Are these places where ex-pats (of whatever country) live? Why live in one concentrated spot? Are most Saudi cities split up into compounds like this?

My library trip is coming non-too-soon tomorrow. I feel like I should have the dunce cap on tonight.

The crown prince has had some pretty strong words about all this, according to CNN. I think they are the most clear words I've read from a political figure since pre 9/11.
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Compounds are like neighborhoods for people visiting or taking up temporary residence.

I don't beleive that regular citizens live on coupounds - HB could probubly explain it better.

My step sister lived on a compound when her husband was working temporarily overseas. She said they had a beautiful furnished home and it was like a neighborhood - only surrounded by barbed fences and intense security.

You're certainly not a dunce! The only reason I know is because of my step sister's experience several years ago.
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Cynthia, I'm so relieved you and yours are safe. Continue to be safe and cautious out there. I'm sending you love and light!

HB and Marg- I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this! I know you are glad you are here, but I bet part of you wishes you were there so you could help find that little girl and go visit your wounded friends. You are there in spirit and I'm sure your friends can feel your love from across the ocean.

I, too, am interested in finding out more about the reasoning behind separating the visitors and temp. residents.

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Nevermind, I mis-read the article I posted here!
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One is not required to live in a compound. You are allowed to live in a Saudi neighborhood if you wish. If you do, you will have the same freedoms that Saudi men , women and children have. In other words I would have to wear my Abaya even to step outside to get something from the car.

Since so many westerners live and work in Saudi for many years(sometimes a lifetime), there are thousands of "western" walled in communities for them to live in all over the Kingdom.

Within these walls are beautiful villas, pools(we had 10 smaller pools on my compound and 2 huge ones), playgrounds,
recreational facilities of every kind, beauty parlors, restaurants, grocery stores(we had a Dairy Queen on our compound) tailors, and every ther kind of service you can think of. Some are huge and some are tiny. Women can dress as they want. Often walking around in nothing but a swimsuit. Men and woman can kiss, talk, hug, hold hands or whatever!! Women can smoke. All of these things could not be done off compound.

So, I am sure you can understand why people like to live in compounds. They are full service. Of course, I still went out into the city for shopping or restaurants nearly everyday. But, having a western home to go back to is priceless whilst living in an absolute monarchy ruled strict muslim country!!

My compound life was the best lifestyle I have ever or will ever have! We miss it soooo much. We are happy we got to experience it.

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The Bush's et al, are pretty heavy into the Carlyle Group...check this article. Is this connected to these attacks somehow?

Am I grasping at straws?

Funny how this info crops up after these attacks, isn't it? Another co-ink-ee-dink? Probably has nothing to do with anything.

Interesting though, eh?

And I am so very sorry for all losses and anguish that has come to our boardmates, their families and friends.

Glad for their safety in Wisconsin and other places, and praying for peace.

Wishing that our world would just be safe now, for everyone...Joyce in the mts.
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I will post part of an e-mail we recieved from a Dutch friend who lives in a compound in Riyadh that was not bombed.

~[B]"The compound doesn’t allow any visitors to come. Yesterday we couldn’t even leave.

Somehow we all expected something would happen. You see that the trend has become more brutal

First shooting your way in. It seems that most of them were young kids, bored and unemployed. You see them
everyday on the road, driving like crazy taking no notice of the danger and the risks of an accident.

The Dutch newspapers reporting more than 90 dead and according to Henk this might be even more correct than the 21 they are officially printing. He talked to a doctor who was helping on Al Hamra and he concluded already 20 dead there. So who is right ?"[B]~

Why can't we get an accurate count of the dead?? I believe the Saudis may be covering up some #'s. All of the people we know who live there keep telling us much higher figures.

And why did the State Dept. say 91 deaths yesterday and then suddenly change their numbers about 2 hours later??

I don't get it??:
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More on Vinnell tie-in to bombing.


More on the business side of Vinnell (a Northrup Company)

And, from link from the above site:

(Originally published by: From The Wilderness ) includes this bit:

"As the Bush Secretary of Defense during Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990&endash;91), Cheney also directed special operations involving Kurdish rebels in northern Iran. The Kurds' primary source of income for more than 50 years has been heroin smuggling from Afghanistan and Pakistan through Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Having had some personal experience with Brown & Root, I noted carefully when the Los Angeles Times observed that on March 22, 1991 a group of gunmen burst into the Ankara, Turkey, offices of joint venture Vinnell, Brown & Root and assassinated retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant John Gandy....

....Today, the Vinnell Corporation (a TRW company) is one of the three pre-eminent private mercenary corporations in the world, along with the firms MPRI and DynCorp (see FTW, June 2000). It is also the dominant entity for the training of security forces throughout the Middle East."

What a tangled web this looks like more and more, eh?...Joyce in the mts.
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Cynthia, I am happy to know you and your family are safe. Cynthia, Marg, and HB I am so sorry that this has happened.
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This article is about my friend and colleague. It is heartbreaking.
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I'm so sorry.
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HB~I am so very sorry.
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Originally posted by Hilary Briss
This article is about my friend and colleague. It is heartbreaking.
That is so sad, my heart goes out to the family and to you both . . .
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That really brings home how devistating this was. HB and MOA I'm so sorry for both of you. My heart is beaking for this family.
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hey hb and marg, do yall still have my email? I don't have yours. could you email me please? I need your address please, if possible.
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