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I've been feeling different the last few days- nothing specific, just more wanting to be at home, a vague sense that something's happening. Interestingly, the dog (a female) has wanted to touch me at all times since mid-week. If I'm sitting, she wants in my lap- not there's room for a 28 pound dog! It's pretty unusual for her. I just felt really out of sorts yesterday. I talked to the midwife who, based on our conversation and the fact that my urine had traces of blood, felt like it would be soon.

During the night and this morning, I'm having some painful contractions- something that hasn't been happening. They're very irregular, but I've also started having a little visible bleeding. Also something new.

So, here's to feeling like it's in the next day or so (and hoping I'm not jinxing it by saying so!). Today, my due date, would be even better!!
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Sounds like it could be it. Sending good labor vibes your way.
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Sounds like something is happening! Here's hoping that things pick up and you have your sweet baby very soon!
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Still having a good amount of mucousy bleeding and now contractions roughly 10 minutes apart or so.

I'm thinking I need to let the support people know.

I think today may be it...
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Oh, that's so exciting! I wish you the best. I'm a teensy bit jealous! :-)
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Yay, Wendy!! I have a lot of mucous action going on, too, and fairly constant pressure -- no measurable contractions, though. Hope today's the birth day for your little one!
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