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It's a boy!

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Our son Karl was born after an uneventful 22-hour labor at 3:59pm on Thursday, January 18. You can see a picture at:


My OB was amazing -- I didn't have to advocate for what I wanted with the nurses at all, because she did it all for me without me even needing to bring it up. The nurses were none too happy, but that's OK with me!

We came home after 26 hours -- I'd originally thought I wanted to stay 48, but got bored and missed my daughter.
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Whee! Congratulations, mama. I love hearing about GOOD hospital births. Welcome to the world, Karl
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What a handsome little man! Happy Birth Day!
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Congratulations!! Enjoy your babymoon
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congrats.. he looks soo happy.. even smiling a lil...way cute.. enjoy your wonderfull lil boy momma....
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Congratulations! Welcome Karl...(that was my favorite uncle's name!)
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Congratulations. That is a great picture ... he looks very content. Enjoy your babymoon
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Congrats, he's beautiful!!
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