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OMG that poor lil baby swinging back n forth doubled over .. ughh I dont even want to see that image, but I HOPE the mother learned NEVER EVER to leave her baby's site again, and secondly to not let her cry and ignore it, HELLO it might just be she's hurt or something lady! I agree with you why do these people treat children like they are NOTHING? I have no answer~
And that grandma could use some parenting classes.

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I think its scarey that this lady works with elementary school kids...how does she treat them when they are hurt. Does she find scraped knees as hilarious as babies hanging from their swing? If something like that happened to one of my babies, I would be too mortified to tell anyone, not even my own mother (she wouldn't find it humorous, she would probably yell at me for letting it happen).

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Originally posted by dlb
I think its scarey that this lady works with elementary school kids...
She's not an elementary school nurse; it's a high school. Still, she has very little compassion for the kids and I wonder why on earth she chose nursing as a career. Ugh.

Y'all have inspired me. I am currently out of town (at home to be with my grandfather), but as soon as I get back, I'm going to try and get her daughter's number. Unfortunately, she lives several hours away, so I won't be able to be a real-live influence -- but maybe I can be a little support over the phone. Doubly unfortunately, she's not much into computers -- doesn't even have an internet connection at home -- so I can't direct her here. Oh well.

Thanks for the ideas and support letting me know that I'm not crazy for thinking she's INSANE!
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That just brought me to tears and made my breast ache....

I don't even know what to say after reading that.

I don't mind putting my kids in swing, but to ignore the crying? And then for her to laugh about it? what if that baby had been seriously injured!!!??? I bet she wouldn't be laughing then!

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That is soo awful. I just can't imagine the baby swinging there like that. Is it just me or does it seem like the ones that interfere the most in other peoples lives are the ones that know jack about anything? I hope the daughter learned not to trust her mothers advice.
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How terrible! That poor little baby. To me, that is neglect, but then again, almost every parent I know in real life is guilty of neglect on a daily basis.

Hopefully that swing incident was a wake-up call to that mother, and she won't let anything like that happen ever again. With a mother like hers, though, I wouldn't be surprised if she were convinced into letting her baby run around the house with a butcher knife.
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Poor Mommy and Poor baby. the whole eason I gave up nursing my eldest ds is because of the lack of support. I know fist hand if you do not have support it is virtually impossible to continue without frustration. Alot of moms need that support and with my first it was something I desperately needed. Iam sosad for that mother and that child and I am sorry that Grandma is so old school that she thinks it is okay. Like a previouseposter said she needs to realize she is the Grandmother not the motherand just because the things she did worked for her does not mean that they will work for her daughter.

Hugs to that poor mommy and I really hope you will be able to get her # it really seems like she could use someone like you in her life.

I too am living proof that a child can thrive a lone on breast milk. I have not even attempted anything else for my daughter and she will be 7 months old in a couple of days. At that time I will begin cereal
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That made me so sick to my stomach and I think I'm gonna cry. That poor poor baby!!! That is just too far..too much!!! Can you imagine the fear that baby felt. God! I have to stop thinking about this now. I am gonna be sick.
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Oh, that is just DISGUSTING! Poor little babe. That grandma is one sick ticket. I am hoping and praying that her daughter is very different.

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