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Aaron Luke has arrived!

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Hello! I kind of post here and in Feb. DDc because my due date got changed, but thought I would let you all know anyway:

Aaron Luke arrived on his due date, Jan. 15, at 8lbs 13 oz and 22 in. long after 3 and a half hours of very fast, intense labour. I was already almost through transition when we got to the hospital and fully dialated by the time they got me in the gown and found the doctor and got everything set up.

We are home and he is nursing really well and sleeping a lot, and has almost reagained his birth weight. I am still really achy and swollen and sore and tired, but I'm sure that will all pass.

Ds 1 did really great with having mommy gone for 2 days. Of course dh let him watch tv and eat bread and jam all day, but still, it was not the traumatic time I had worried it would be.
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Congrats mama! Welcome baby Aaron!
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Congratulations, mama! Welcome to the world, Aaron
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AWWW congrats momma..... im glad to hear ou and baby boy are doing great..
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