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I didn't try, but I did have very regular cycles, so when I looked back at when I should have ovulated and when we had intercourse, I knew my dd would be a girl and ds would be a boy. With dd it was a few days before O and with ds it was the day before O, so the method worked for us. I knew I was pg about a day or 2 before my period started.
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Hi just lurking! It worked for both my kids. With number # 1 we weren't specifically trying for either sex but we had sex the day before ovulation and not any other time near then and it was a boy. With # 2 we wanted a girl. We had sex 4 days before ovulation and then not again (because I was sick - I wanted a girl but would have been happy either way) and it is definately beautiful girl. With the next baby we'll just let nature take its course since we have one of each!
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momschooling - guess I was before or after your time. I was a 6 time MS failure, (male enzyme issues) and ended up with ms/ivf/pgd to conceive my first child. (genetics.) I have to try for girls though. Pretty much can't be any more open to high tech than me.
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I've read the Shettles book, and the evidence and methods sound sensible, but you don't know it "worked" if you got the gender you wanted, because there's only two genders to choose from anyway. It might have been the method or it might simply have been the right sperm made it despite the odds. It seems to me you only know if it didn't work and you end up with the gender you weren't trying to have.

I think we all know it's important to be pleased with any baby, but if you have a strong preference for whatever reason, why not?
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Wow, Clarity - what a battle! I'm so glad you have a babe in arms now.

So, are you one of the individuals who cannot carry male fetuses? (Is that what you meant?)

I've been reading a lot more about recurring m/c and the fact that some women do not have a y chromosome to pass on to the sperm - or something like that - so their body automatically "aborts" the fetus. My BIL is an MD and suspects this is the cause of our family's bizarre all-girl phenomena - there are now 10 granddaughters, no boys at all, and a total of 7 early miscarriages.

I hope that some day we will be able to have a boy. Not that I don't adore my girls - I do - and I guess I'm a good "girl mom". But, there's a part of me that longs for a son - the only boy in the family is my DH and he's the last in the entire family to pass on the family name (even cousins).
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it's more complex...i have a gene on my x that *probably* causes massive neurological problems and does huge amounts of amniotic fluid resulting in rupture and delivery between 20-24 weeks - it is a big more complicated on the genetic end...it turns out girls can get it...but like 10% chance...boys are 50% (or greater.) Boys get my affected x, girls get one bad (mine) and one good (dh). But now I have one live child I stick out a little less in the gender determination pity party. She is pretty fantastic - my pain and suffering payback. But she is a genetically engineered wonder child. You can't select out toddlerhood yet though, she's pretty ordinary really.

I am in a study that is startng to show that up to 75 % (!!!!) of recurrant miscarriages actually involve a process called x inactivation...where instead of 50% of your cells using one x, and 50% using the other (normal)...women with these recurrant miscarriages tend inactive one x, and most of the cells use the other...and that x has a problem (resulting in miscarriage.) This is being done by a guy who found the gene for cystuc fibrosis (I believe it was that one.) I was unusual in that they took me after only one loss...but I turn out to be exaclty what they were talking about. And I had a lot of living female relatives all with the same trait. So we're guinea pigs!
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