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OK, I'm almost positive I O'd at 6 weeks PP. I had the EWCM, the twingy cramps, the increased drive, it was pretty undeniable. I started bleeding 8 days later, although it was VERY light the bleeding lasted for 4 days. I stopped all PP bleeding at 3 weeks PP so I'm guessing that new bleeding WAS my period. Which means my luteal phase was 8 days.

It has now been a week since I started my period and I am very moody and irritable. I can hardly function. I'm also very very tired. I'm not having the EWCM anymore but if I O again, I'm guessing I'll have it within the week.

I have never never started my fertility back this soon, and this is my third child. The only explanation I have for it is that Eli must not nurse as often at night as my other 2 did, because I nurse him on demand, just like I did them. I wouldn't mind being pregnant again. If I truly did O and have a period, what are the chances I'll be regular from now on? Is it possible to have regular, fertile cycles from this early on? I know it can take awhile to get your fertility back but do you think since I already O'd it won't take as long?