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Baby shower swap?

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Are we still planning to do this? I just realized last night that I'm due in *gulp* 5 1/2 weeks! :

If no one else wants to I can start a thread over in the swaps forum, but I'm more than happy to give someone else a chance to organize (it's fun! ).
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That sounds like fun, I hadn't heard of it before.
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I hadn't heard about this before either...but I'd love to be part of it. I didn't participate in the bead swap b/c I forgot and I was bummed about that.

I hope we do this
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It will be (I think) on Mothering, not on the other board, so that should make it easier to keep track of. avasmom, you need about 14 more posts so you can access the swaps forum!

When I participated in the one when I was preggo with ds2, we each posted a list of needs/wants/dislikes & then we bought/made for the mama we were assigned to. I believe you got to put in requests for certain mamas if you wanted to...

I'm still kinda freaking out that I only have 5 weeks left! Which means what -- it could be 2-3 weeks. I'm so far from ready that it's just a joke! Eeek!
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I'd love to! I'm freaking out too! I've got soooo much work to do before #2 comes ahhhh and the time is flying by! oiya!:
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Great! I'll post the thread over on the swap board tomorrow. Here are guidelines for the swap board: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=475980

If someone else decides they would like to organize I'll scoot on over -- just let me know. I didn't want it to fall by the wayside, though!

In the meantime, if anyone wants to throw out ideas here with their opinion of the details (deadlines, price limits, surprise/no surprise gifters/giftees), please feel free! And if anyone is worried about not receiving their package, I want to reassure you that there is a bit more accountability this time, since we're doing the swap on the Mothering boards. And anyone who never completed their package last time will not be permitted to enter this swap (of course!).

Okay, okay -- I'll go to bed now!
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Okay off to post some more so I can take part!
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I think this is a great idea! I'm in.

I think a $ limit of $15-20 is good. And I think that when gifters are matched into pairs that things go a bit smoother. Maybe avoid some of the difficulties of the mama swap.

I'd volunteer as organizer, but I've never participated in a swap on the MDC boards

And you're right. . we should probably get this started soon. Our DDC members could start going. . .
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I think I should be able to post soon, but might have to wait. It won't let me in yet, so we shall see.
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Don't worry, we won't go without you! I'll start the thread tonight -- I'm leaving soon to go to my midwife appt. & I'll be gone all day.
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Thanks! Have a good appt!
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would like to join in a swap, but I can't seem to access the swap board. what are the guidelines?
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The guideline that will most likely affect would-be participants is this one:
Access to the board is restricted to members who have been registered for 6 months and have at least 150 posts.
I'm interested in participating. Whether it's on the MDC Swap board or on the other board doesn't matter to me.
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Yeah, your supposed to have 6 months and 150 posts. Well I've passed the post limit, but not the 6 month time limit....however, I have access to the swap board. :

I however won't know if I can participate until the details are hashed out.
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I'd like to get in on this one
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Originally Posted by Mummytwice View Post

would like to join in a swap, but I can't seem to access the swap board. what are the guidelines?
Yea, you won't be 6 months til the end of March. If a few moms in your situation post here, I'd be willing to organize a mini-swap for ya'll on the other board, but I'm not real comfortable doing the whole thing over there, given what happened last time (some moms received their packages weeks/months late & one not at all ). Ironically, I think all the new joiners were actually quick to send their packages in that swap, but the fact remains that there isn't as much accountability over there as it isn't "on" Mothering.com.

Anywho, new mamas, post here or on the other board & we can get ya'll in on the fun over there too!

Oh, and if any other mamas want to do a second swap with new mamas over there, let me know (unless that wouldn't be a good idea, for some reason).
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completely clueless here.

What other board? Can someone pm me?
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PM wild flowers & she'll set you up.
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I can't ever participate because I'm always locked out of the boards. I really don't understand it.

Screw it.
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