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Anyone practice Reiki? I am technically a Reiki "master/teacher" b/c my mother (who was also a Master, she passed in 2001) encouraged me to learn how to initiate people. However, I never practiced it enough and only initiated 4 people into level I.

Anyway, I try to use a little bit of Reiki daily on myself, but it usually ends up being only for a few minutes at a time. I would love to channel more both for myself and others. It would help to meet others who are also Reiki practitioners.
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we had a nice long thread in health and healing. There are a few pracitioners here.

Here is the link in case you want to read it
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I am a Reiki Master/Teacher too!

Let me share, that my very first Reiki Teacher, used to say that 5 minutes of Reiki is better than no minutes of Reiki.

Sometimes I am feeling pretty yuck, and really just find it hard to do more than a few minutes at a time. (It happens...alot lately with the state of matters on our planet.) Hey we are all human and do what we can as we can.

So, just keep on. The wonderful thing about Reiki is...ok ONE wonderful thing about it...is, the more you use it the stronger it gets. Though you might think it would go away if neglected, well, it doesn't...and we only need put hands on to find out. And remember, even if you feel like your hands are "broken" and don't feel like they are "working", they are...and practice will likely enhance your perception of it.

And do check out that thread Arduinna posted, if you wish. It was a lovely sharing.

Hugs!...Joyce in the mts.
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Hi - I am a Reiki Master who did not go through "formal" training. I've been "practicing" on myself, my family and friends, and situations I feel need healing. After a year I felt confident enough to donate my services to my son's nursery school auction. I was surprised when many people bid on my Reiki certificate. The person who purchased it was my first "official" client and it went well!

What's more important to me is that my children have been observing. Another mom at the school stopped me last month to tell me that my 4 year old son performed Reiki on her when he saw her come in with crutches. He said, "bring your ankle to me - let me heal it."

I became curious about children and Reiki and found a wonderful website
It has beautiful photos of children performing Reiki on themselves and on other kids.

Blessings - Angela
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kids can be great at reiki, my dd is a level one right now. I will probably give her level 2 when she is ready.
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I am a Reiki Practioner, Level 2. I have participated in two Reiki Share groups. It is much more powerful and effective with more in a group.

I encourage the masters here to start groups. The first I found just through word of mouth. It took place once a week and did not cost a dollar amount. You could donate what you wanted. I'm so glad otherwise I would have never recieved Reiki. I was recently pregnant and money was tight. At that time I was not practicing, just recieving treatments. I quit smoking! I also had a rather profound vision that to this day when I talk about tears still trickle freely.

The second group that I was envolved with, classes took place at a metaphysical book store. I recieved my Reiki 1 attunement and shortly after Reiki 2. Shares took place twice a week. Individual treatments were also twice a month. Individual traetments were still groups but only 4-5 people at a time compared to the 15-30 at shares. It cost to have attunements but not shares or private sessions.

I have healed from many things and have been honored to see other people heal of many ailments on all levels. Physical, emotional, and spiritual. I've seen everything from food disorders, to healing greif, healing from abuse, healing of reproductive disorders and on and on.

I have also become more intuitive and have had many visions. I belive in past and future lives and believe that I have practiced Reiki for many lives. Also, there are many cultures that practice Reiki, just by a different name. I have had the honor of working with one of Native American tradition. He said that the symbols used are almost identical to that of Reiki.

I have unexpectedly run into people who needed Reiki on many occasions. For whatever reason we would just start to talk about what was going on with them and then I would end up treating them. Animals, both wild and demesticated as well. I have found that the more you use Reiki the more it will use you.

It is quite powerful and is an important part of my life. Also, my Reiki Teacher called me a Star Child. I asked her what it meant she said just that I was very special. Have any of you ever heard this term? Maybe someone can give me more insight.

I will read that other thread I am interested.
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I took Reiki, levels 1 and 2 last month and have been practicing on myself and my family, particularly my mother, who has cancer. It has been a wonderful blessing. I am considering having my 7 year old son attuned to level one. He is a very sensitive child and is very interested in Reiki. He has been doing his "own" sort of reiki (he calls it reiki) on our house, himself, and our family. He also sees energy, sparkling, glitter-like lights and has been seeing some things in our bedroom formed by the lights. Sometimes it scares him. I'm thinking that the reiki attunement may help him with that and also with my mother's eventual passing. He is very close to her.

Haven't had a chance to check out the reikikids site yet, but I will. Can anyone share more about how their children have responded to the reiki attunement? I am interested in hearing your stories.
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My dd adjusted to level one really well. During/after the attunement she felt quite warm, but that is pretty typical IME. She is a secretive scorpio so she doesn't always express what is happening with her. We just made sure she put her hands one someone when she felt a little lightheaded.
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Just my very personal take; nothing more:

I trust a wee one's Source-potent touch without enhancement through attunement. They just do it and trust. I am in humble awe of that and wish all practitioners had that depth of trust.

My kids were raised with Reiki, but the ones attuned, received it only when they chose it for themselves (free will). The simplicity of child-led process (worked for weaning, potty-training and the move to sleeping on their own, too) removes all question thru trust.

I support the exploration...Joyce in the mts.
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Joyce in the mts., thank you for your perspective. I agree with your "free will" comment. He has asked to be attuned, although I am not fully sure of his motivations, whether it's because Mom does it, or it seems like magic to him, or he just really is drawn to it and wants it. So I'm giving it some time before I act or not. It has never been my intention to have him attuned for any other reason other than he requests it. He is quite sensitive, as I stated before and has been "seeing" reiki symbols in the bedroom, among other things. This is not something I have discussed or shown to him and he doesn't understand what he is seeing. I don't want him to feel overwhelmed after being attuned to reiki. Perhaps this needn't be a concern. That is why I am interested in hearing others' perspectives/thoughts on that. Any more thoughts?
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