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OPK mystery

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Back in Nov I went to see my OB-GYN and we talked about our TTC this year and she suggested I try an OPK to make sure I was ovulating before we went ahead. So I did, only I POAS first thing in the morning and the line never got as dark as or darker than the control line. So according to the directions I never got a positive on the OPK test. After reading a little more I learned I wasn’t supposed to use my morning pee, I should have waited till the afternoon to POAS.

I decided to wait until Jan (holidays) to try again this time POAS in the afternoon. I tested everyday, sometimes twice a day and never got a true positive. The line got almost as dark as the control line on Friday. Then by Sat/Sun it was disappearing again. : I even used a different test than what I used last time.

I’m starting to think something is wrong with me. I am charting my BBT and you can view my chart with the link in my sig. I’m starting to spike in my temp, which is good, but does that mean I am indeed ovulating? Should I talk to my doc about this? How can I know I’m ovulating properly? How are we supposed to plan AI @home when I can’t get a positive on an OPK! Am I still doing something wrong? ANY advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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: I'm no help but I'm interested in this as well. I just ordered my first batch of OPK's today. I get definate temp changes also, but my CM doesn't usually change much through my cycles so I'm wondering if I am actually ovulating also. : that we both are!
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No one has had this happen? Can someone send me to a website where I might be able to find the answer to my questions? Anyone?
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For future users looking for the answer to this: I posted to another board about this issue. They aren't doctors but some of the women said they never get a true positive OPK. Some said digitals worked better for them so said other brands worked better. Almost all said the CBFM worked well. I've decided that with the next cycle I will do a CBE orginial and the digital to see which will give me a better reading. We are going to wait till May to get the monitor. They also said my LH surge just might not be strong enough for some OPK's. Also that different brands of OPK work better with different women.

My temps are spiking (big-time) and I am having EWCM so I think I'm ovulating. I'll come back after the next cycle and give the results of the new OPK's. If I forget and your interested PM me.
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From looking at your chart, and reading what you said, you got an "almost" positive OPK on Friday, and ovulated Saturday. Maybe that "almost" was actually a true positive, kwim?
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That's exactly what I'm thinking, Lousli.
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