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So Bored... Just Waiting for Labor...

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My house is clean. There isn't anything left to clean. The baby's things are ready. The birthing supplies and things are ready.

I don't even have full loads of laundry to do anymore and we're a family of 5! The sheets are the cleanest they've been in years!

I can't focus to do anything. I can't focus to watch a TV program or a movie. I can't focus to read a book. I can't focus to work on some needlwork (all my sewing stuff is put away until after the birth). I need to move my focus off of LABOR START ALREADY, but can't.

I can focus on dust and get it! But it's so crazy b/c I dust 1X a week, why should I grab my duster to dust something I see instantly? Yet, this I have done!

I'm frustrated. I've raised my voice at my kids today. I know it's b/c I'm just really wanting to get this labor started and baby here! But that's just no way to be day in and day out.

I don't want to go to the store anymore. I though 2 weeks ago was my last trip before this baby would arrive and yet, I find myself out of bread, fruit or yogurt! I've sent my dh quite a bit as well. I went Friday morning, hoping again that would be the last time before this baby is born. Well, it isn't Friday yet...

: I want him here already!
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I am so there too! Everything is done and I am just bored (and uncomfortable!!). I find myself continually focusing on labor starting and I know that cannot be healthy lol! The only comfort comes from knowing it does have to start at some point. This is so sad since I haven't even reached my due date yet LOL!!

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I'm SOOO there with you! 40 wk 3 days today and just really, really tired of waiting. Logically I *know* I can't be pregnant forever. In fact, I know there's a pretty good chance I won't even be pregnant a week from now. That doesn't really seem to help though!

After thinking about it over the last few days I've decided what's driving me the most crazy is feeling like I have to be "ready" to drop everything at a moment's notice you know? Hence the 1/2 loads of laundry and obsessive housecleaning going on here too. I don't even remember the last time our checking accounts were so perfectly balanced --- daily.

Also, like I said in my "who's overdue" post earlier today all the phone calls & emails from everyone constantly checking in, wagering over when it will happen, etc. :

Plus, DH is taking leave once the baby comes so he's having to leave work every evening basically prepared not to go back the next day. And my Mom is watching DD, so she's had to be on high alert for the past couple weeks too which I feel bad about because they're not able to really make plans either from day to day.

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My dh has been working late, not being home for family meal time, not seeing kids except on the weekend. And they are misbehaving for it or acting out, which ever it is, it's horrible for me. I've lost my patience with them on more than one occassion. I feel demon possessed when I do loose it, the words that fly out of my mouth are nothing like what I would normally be like, it's shameful.

He's goes in to work at 5am or earlier and is home after 8 or 9pm. He's trying to get hours to have off for the baby and for a trip he wants to take in the fall.

I don't like doing this parenting thing alone. I don't like having to argue and fight with the kids to get them to go to bed. He isn't home, so their routine is screwed up. I know they are upset, but I need to lie down and have PEACE and QUIET for at least 45 minutes before I go to sleep.

Every night I go to bed with the house spotless in case the big event happens. I have the kids pick all their things up out of the LRM, I get all the dishes done, I leave out my crock pot, the infusion stuffs, a pot for making tea, etc. The bathroom is clothing free, ready for company type thing or laboring. I leave the washer and dryer empty for birthing items to go right in.

I guess it's nice to wake up to a clean house, but then what do I do all day? Empty the PM dishes, load with breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Do some laundry. Get the littlest piece of dust off the floor or furniture.:

I'm chilling out with a glass of sweet red wine... Dinner is basically cleaned up from. I have to make 3 beds this evening -- ugh! I forgot dh would be later than usual tonight. And I will tidy up the house. Then the dreaded get all 3 kids to bed by myself...
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: 39w6d
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I've been giving the baby little pep talks all week. "please come out, everyone wants to meet you, we love you, and want to hold you, it's time to come out now." But she'll have none of it. It must be pretty cozy in my belly. Truthfully I still have plenty to do. I've been cooking and freezing meals for after she comes, but I could do more. There is laundry to wash, thankyous to write, sheets to change. The problem is that i can only be on my feet so long until my ankles swell so bad they hurt. There really isn't much to do to get ready that I can do while resting. And when I rest I just get so bored.
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I'm there...except I've given up on a spotless house already. I try to keep the laundry done and dishes, and the bathroom clean...okay and I freak out on the floors being vaccuumed and swept...and I made dh wash all the windowsills yesterday...and scrub the wall behind the garbage can...and I keep washing sheets constantly...so maybe I haven't totally given up. I keep thinking that if I nest the baby will come. We had our first NST yesterday and they measured fluid levels, all was well, I am 5 FRIGGIN cms dilated, baby is at 0 station, I am 100% effaced COME ON. My m/w told me I am proof that they still don't know WHY labor starts. They have offered to break my water numerous times, I am so afraid that nothing will happen though and I will end up needing pitocin, etc. My first birth was SO great, unmedicated, non-intervention. I really want to give my body a chance to do that again as long as the baby is okay....but I am SO impatient.
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Originally Posted by ryleigh'smama View Post
I am 5 FRIGGIN cms dilated, baby is at 0 station, I am 100% effaced COME ON.
Oh man! I'd kill to be there!! Dr. said he can't even FIND my cervix it is so far up there!!! I'm sure your labor will start, and it will probably really fast if you are already 1/2 way there & 100%!!!! Good for you!!!
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Oh man, I'm bored out of my mind too. Everything is pretty much ready for the baby, except I do need to wash the car seat padding and my sling. Maybe I'll get that done this afternoon. I supposed the house could stand dusting again, but like the pp said the dust will just be right back in a few days anyway. Otherwise the house is pretty spotless and picked up. Laundry is staying caught up too which is out of the ordinary for us.

I think waiting this last little stretch is harder in the winter time. I don't like the cold and tend to want to stay in where it's nice and warm, so I end up being too lazy and feeling like there's nothing to do. In the warmer weather I'm much more likely to be outside and active up to the very end which helps the time pass a little faster. I'm SO ready for spring!
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I'm 39w4d. Totally ready to be DONE. Come on baby. We're ready! Let's get this party started!
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It is so hard to wait. 41 weeks 3 days today and I feel like I'm being stood up by my own baby! I was totally READY on her due date, now everything is backsliding, dh and dd#1 are both sick...and I just want to NOT BE PREGNANT ANYMORE.

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well, i went for my weekly today, and had an ultrasound... baby is good, measuring around 6 1/2 pounds (normal for my babies), fluid level is good. I had an internal, cervix is virtually unreachable. I am going to just face the idea that this baby may not be here until the first week in Feb! My birthday is the 9th, so anytime before that is fine!! I'll be 42 weeks on the 9th.
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Little Up date here

I had my baby Tues, the day after I posted this
The house WAS spotless Mon night... Since Tues morning I've been in bed, so it isn't spotless anymore with 3 children, 1 dh, and 2 parents...
Posting in Jan Due Date in a few...
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