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breast fed baby and constant Diarrhea

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Sorry if this is too much info, but I need some helpful advice here.

My daughter is completely breast fed. She is growing normally, seems healthy and strong. She is now over two months. However, her bm are always very loose, watery, yellow mustard color and stink incredibly. They shoot out of her so loudly you can hear from the next room.

This is all the time. She has NEVER had a bm that even approached solid or non-super stinky. She has a bm every day, sometimes up to five times a day. (She does also pee a reasonable amount.)

I originally thought perhaps her digestive system was very immature, even though she was born very big and strong. But now over two months later, I wonder how healthy this is, and how long this will continue.
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That's what normal breast-baby poop should be. No worries, mama! If you were getting firm poops, that would be a sign of not enough milk.
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I think this is normal, I don't think it is diarreah, it sounds like what each of my children have been like. I would expect it to stay that way until you introduce solids.
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Breastfed babies are supposed to have yellow, liquidy poops. While BF baby poops tend to be less smelly than formula fed baby poops (or poops once the baby starts solids) it still smells like poop, not roses!

5 poops a day is completely normal for some babies, and 1 poop a week is perfectly normal for other babies. There is a very wide variation of normal!

Maybe you're more familiar with formula fed babies and their bowel movements (which tend to be firmer and much stronger smelling.) Or are you just comparing your baby's poops to adult bowel movements?
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it sounds totally normal. Sometimes the poops are so copious they shoot all the way up the back and out the sides. They do have an unusual odor.. and teething can change their consistence and smell too..

It never hurts to ask your HCP if you are unsure. They can reassure you that all is well

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Sounds like normal breastfed poop color and consistency. I was shocked at how it sounded too!

Re: the odor. Has she ever had anything besides breastmilk, say a formula supplement or sugar water? Has she had to take antibiotics? Things like that can compromise the gut. You might try some baby probiotics. I never noticed a real odor to a breastfed stool until solids were started. My daughter's smelled sort of gross, like microwave popcorn, but never foul or rotten.
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Totally normal, not to worry at all.

My daughter used to poop with such force while she was having her diaper changed that she would shoot it accross a 10 ft room.
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Originally Posted by catnip View Post
That's what normal breast-baby poop should be. No worries, mama! If you were getting firm poops, that would be a sign of not enough milk.
: Here you go, a fascinating discussion of poop. http://www.drjaygordon.com/developme...ricks/poop.asp
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My little one was pooping about once a week and then started pooping multiple times a day and it was runny. I was a little worried at first, but then I realized that it coincided with the beginning of seeing more saliva. He's totally happy and normal acting. I think it's just from all the spit. It seems to be regulating more in the past few days to where it's only about one big runny poop a day. His ped. wasn't worried at all when I told her either.
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It will likely continue until she starts solid foods.

Other than the strong smell, you describe a perfectly healthy breastfed baby's poop. It should not be solid and five times a day is not at all excessive -- some babies poop every time they eat at that age.
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Totally normal.

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Even with some solids in her diet, my 11-month-old still has the ochre-colored, pasty poos. Normal for BF babies.
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totally normal.....about the smell, maybe try eliminating cow milk from your diet?
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This is normal poop for a breastfed baby. Don't worry about it at all.
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Doesn't sound like diarrhea to me at all - sounds like normal BF baby poo. My babe is SO loud DH can often hear it when he's upstairs
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my little guy poops like that too. he is 5 mo. and only nurses. it is normal.and it smells like vinager to me. smells better than mine. i know his poo will be nasty once i give him solids. which i have been purposly holding off. yuo can try try putting rubber pants over the diapers for less mess. i have done this too. oh and he farts loader than we do.
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This is normal BF poop. I think dd had her first actual "solid" poop at about 8 mos, and she started on some solid food at about 6 mos. Things were definitely more "gooey" by that point and less "watery," but at 2 mos for sure she was still having the kinds of poop you describe. Nothing to worry about!

dd 10 mos
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Just wanted to add that sometime relatively soon, maybe around 2.5-3.5 mos, your LO may "stop" pooping for days at a time. This too is normal. I think the longest dd went without pooping was 8 or 10 days. Nothing was wrong with her; it's just part of the development of the digestive system.

dd 10 mos
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don't worry, it's totally normal for breastfed babies. Gross, eh?

As for the odor, I noticed early on that my ds's poo stank after I ate cheese and otherwise it was odorless. Later he developed eczema and is now sensitive to dairy. Not trying to freak you out or anything, so don't worry.
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