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OMGoodness....are you ready?

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Can you believe how close we are to having our babies. I'm 37 weeks and my baby is coming 2 weeks from tomorrow at the latest!(mandatory belly-birth ;c-sect) I hope labor doesn't start any earlier than that just b/c of possible complications, but that's another thread. What I'm trying to say is OH my !@#$%^& goodness! I'm freaking out (not in a bad way, just a kind of "I can't believe this is really going to happen" way). I'm going to have a baby! Really....I really am.... I can't believe it. Anyway....what are you mamas feeling about the inevitable reality of these little ones actually showing up...any day...tonight, tomorrow, wed....whenever they feel like it from now on out! Wow...my brain can barely handle this right now. It's a miracle! I'm thrilled, beside myself and a wee bit scared....but the reality is definately starting to set in.
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Pregnancy & birth is such an exhilerating ride isn't it? Some days are great, some not so great & others stink

I am praying for a Feb. baby, so hopefully this little babe will cooperate with us...we'll see.

We still don't have a boy name at all.
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I'm SO ready! A week ago I still felt very patient, but for some reason I'm all of a sudden ready to be done. My technical due date is in 3 days, but I usually go over a little bit. But, I honestly feel like baby can come anytime, and it'll be just fine by me!
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I've started threatening my baby that if she doesn't come out soon I'll make her stay in there forever. I don't know if that's a threat to her or not but it hasn't worked anyway. I'm not due until the 7th but had secretly hoped for a late Jan. baby as I already have two February babies. Ah well, the birthday isn't that important. Had just hoped for a little variety

Anyway - it's close but not close as everyday feels like 30 years.
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Heh! Yeah, I'm ready! Ready enough! Although I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen any time soon. This pregnancy has gone really fast and even though I'm officially in the miserable stage now, it still seems to go by pretty fast. Especially if I catch a nap with DS.

I've got the clothes washed and diapers washed too, all I need is to get the cosleeper up in our room. But if need be, DH could always do that after the birth, we've got plenty of sleeping spots that we wouldn't need it set up immediately anyway. I should probably clean up the car seat though. I think that's really all I have left to do.
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I'll be 39 weeks wednesday, and somehow I've still convinced myself this baby just isn't coming yet, lol. I think I'll be shocked when I actually go into labor (assuming it will ever happen, of which I seem exceptionally willing to believe it won't, ha.) I still have a sense of things left undone, although I can't exactly tell what they are. I mean, there are still appoinments upcoming in my calander you know! I keep making them! And he keep switching positions on me. Seems to want to keep moving posterior. So maybe all that'll hold this baby off an extra week or so Maybe this baby will drop or something to really persuade me he's coming. That sounds pretty unlikely though, lol. I really need to start seriously visualizing this labor and birth just to get my self back into the reality of it - like tonight!
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I am soooooooooooooo ready too be done! I am way ready! I have been a bust beaver this last week. I finally have everything I need, except baby tub, but hey can get that this weekend.. Otherwise I am ready , and just as psyched as you are too be having the baby soon..
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I'll be 38 wks Thurs and I am, I think, in denial about labor being emminent. People have started calling, asking... and I am like, what is wrong w/ you people?!?! And then I think, well, people have their babies early all of the time. I don't know, maybe it's that I have so much paperwork to do prior to going on ML that I can't focus on that, I'm not sure. I was reading my Birthing from Within book last night, trying to comprehend that I have got to get psychologically prepared for labor!! And I can't do it! Every time I feel menstral type cramps, a backache, etc. I go straight to bed and try to sleep it off. I imagine I'll do the same when the real thing comes. I guess there's so much you can't really prepare for, so I am just trying my best to get prepared, but not too much, I don't want my baby to come early! I want he/ she to be as plump and ready as possible!
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I probably shouldn't have sent that bit about wanting something to happen to persuade me that my baby coming was imminenet out into the universe. Last night I woke up with contractions, lol. It feels like false labor to me, but definately that sign I was talking about to believe I really *am* going to have a baby
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I am SOOOO ready! I was a little worried because dd got in to see an allergist for March 1 (I'm due the 20th!) and I didn't want to take a newborn to the allergist. Anyways, yesterday they had a cancellation, so we got in. So, now the baby can come because I have no worries about taking a newborn
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My DH is taking a class for his MBA program right now so we are telling the baby, "just wait until February 5, after that anytime is OK". We'll see if it works

I would be fine with the baby coming now (except that I'm not at all caught up at work!), but it really would be better if his class was over.

I definitely don't feel birth is imminent. I had some contractions over the weekend, but nothing timeable. It did make me feel like my body was doing something. Hooray for subtle labor signs!
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I'm 37 weeks and am fine where I am - excited to go into labor but fine if the baby decides to hang out for awhile! I saw my OB this morning and my cervix is closed, for what that's worth. I plan to start drinking RRL tea and just keep moving along....although in very exciting news, our crib is finally in my most recent reality check is boob leakage - the past two mornings I've woken up with wet spots on my PJs! something new and different
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I am not due until Feb. 22 and although I feel "Ready" I don't want the baby to come just yet. I am cherishing every moment I have being prego since this is probally going to be the last time I also am not quiet "ready" for more sleep deprevation and the new schdule. DS has yet to sleep through the night and still nurses several times a day. DD is in school and I fear having less time with her. But all in all I know everything will turn out great and we will all adjust when our newest bundle of joy enters the world!!
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I'm not due until the 22nd also. I sure don't want a January baby. Last year in our family there were two, and my brother and SIL and about a hundred other people in our family are Januaries, but there are a select few Februaries, including my mom and grandma. I also just don't feel he is ready yet. There have been very few signs other than little contractions here and there. That and the "boob leakage." I've had that for quite a while.
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My body is hardly doing anything different, so I'm thinking I have some time.
My doc laughed when I said 3 weeks. He said, "now you're being greedy" He's just happy I've almost made it to 36 wks. I don;t care what he thinks, I have stuff to do and they don't 'feel' cooked yet. My 40 weeks aren;t up until the 28th, so there's just no hurry.

Besides, I keep getting all this baby stuff that has to be washed. I'm drowning in laundry and they aren;t even here yet. Why do peole give so many clothes? How about some toys or anything else? :
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I am sooooo excited and freakin' a little too (in that good way). I'm 37w4d and feeling great, but the reality of baby coming has set in. I had contractions the other night that were like 5 minutes apart, I think. False labor stuff. I just sat down and relaxed and they totally went away. But that was the first time I really felt like.....oh my god....I'm gonna push this baby out of my body and then my little girl will actually be with us!!!!
My midwife also said the baby has definetly engaged, is very low, and my cervix (as of last week) was dialated a fingertip. YAY!!!! I'm all of a sudden starving and I have had menstrual-like cramps over the past three days. I have suspicion that I will not make it to my due date. But whenever she comes, must be the right time.
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I am ready, but nervous about labor. VERY nervous! I'm like a first time mom in the sense that I've never experienced going into it on my own. I'm looking forward to it too though. Now how to handle 2 kids? I guess I'll just have to wing it! Other people do it and some of you mama's have A LOT of kids and somehow manage. I'm trying to not assume that you have skills that I don't lol!
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as much as i wish to get my boy's head out of my nether regions, i still have lots of school work that i would like to get done before he arrives. it would be wonderful if he stays in until midterms are done, which is the week before my due date. maybe i'm just crazy though
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Oh, yes. I am still terrified if I let myself be. I try not to, but can't help it sometimes.
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I am ready, although I'm 35 weeks so I've got a ways to go. But this pg has been very hard on me physically and emotionally as well. It is our last so I have tried to enjoy it but because it came after a loss it has been hard to relax and I just won't relax completely until I am looking down at this baby and everything is okay. That said, I have been doing some MAJOR nesting and organizing, my hubby thinks this one is coming early! I can definitely feel that my iron levels have gone back up, but we'll know for sure on Sunday when the midwife comes for our home visit.
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