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Twin bassinet/co-sleeper options

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I'm having twins and want them to sleep in our room for a good while. Initially, I had thought that a pack and play with a lay in bassinet would work, but they are only supposed to be used for children up to 15 lbs - that's two 7 1/2 lb twins I'm guessing... and I want them in our room for longer than that I'm pretty sure.

But I really liked the idea using something that doubles as a play pen (space is an issue). I just looked at the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper, and that would accomplish both I guess - but has anyone used it for twins? Or can you recommend anything else???
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I put one crib in my bedroom that my twins share. They are 4 months old and are still sleeping in it most of the time. Sometimes I keep one in the crib and have the second sleep in bed with me in their little bed (dont know what its called but its a hard shell with a little mattress in it that keeps the baby from rolling around in the bed and me from rolling onto them). If you dont want to use a crib, you could use the co-sleeper and one of these "shell" beds.
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Could I put them both in the co-sleeper? I would like them to sleep together unless they just hate it (which I don't expect.)

Putting the crib in our room is an idea though...
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Our girls were in the same crib in our room until they were 17 months! In the early days, when one woke at night to nurse, we'd bring both of them to bed and put both back in the crib. Somewhere along the line we started the baby-swap -- whoever woke got taken into our bed to nurse and sleep, until the next one woke, and we'd take the sleeping one back to the crib and the hungry one to bed. They are now 19 months and finally sleeping separately. I was never comfortable having both sleep with us in our queen sized bed, and found having them in a regular sized crib worked well for us.

Congrats on your twins!
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We had one crib which both shared for the first six months, with me getting up to rotate them as needed for nighttime nursing. It was a good choice for us, since they had all the room they needed at that size and since I was so desperately ill, co-sleeping would have been a very unsafe option.

FWIW, at 6 months, I had regained enough of my health to make co-sleeping a viable choice, and we got a California King bed, some guard rails, and joined the king to a single and we haven't looked back.

I think it's good, actually, to have a couple of options available to you - you never know what you will actually use most. We had two cribs but ended up happier using just one for both girls. We also had a bassinet but that really didn't hold both of them. I never tried the co-sleeper, but I can imagine it would save you getting up to walk across the room to get them.

Some families "sidecar" the crib to the side of the bed, so that the crib itself works as a co-sleeper. It takes a little mechanical maneuvering, but it can be done.

Congrats on your pregnancy!
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Also, does anyone have experience with the mini co-sleeper? I realize it's not a play yard as well, but I didn't know if it would be a feasible option for two babies...
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We use the Arms Reach Universal (because we have a low bed). While the boys almost always end up actually in our bed at some point, we usually start out the night in the co sleeper. They are nearly four months now, and quite big, so I imagine we won't be able to use it much longer. The weight limit in the co-sleeper position is 30 lbs I think, but 50 lbs in the play pen set up. We bought ours on ebay. I am glad we got it, it seems better than a crib or traditional bassinet for our purposes.

my guess is that the mini would get to be a tight fit real fast.
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Loislane - I am so glad to hear yours slept tpgether in your room until 17 months! We are still doing that at 13+ months and all of my twin mom friends look at me like I am crazy!

To the OP - I did not do the pack and play/bassinet because of the weight limits. I could never figure out the weight limits on the co-sleeper. Since I was getting (borrowing) two cribs anyway, I decided to just use one in our room. They still sleep in it.
Eventually we did decide we needed a pack and play type thing. I found the graco sport on ebay. I think the one I am talking about has been discontinued, but if you can find it, it is great. http://cgi.ebay.com/NIB-GRACO-PACK-N...QQcmdZViewItem
It is an octagon and sits directly on the floor - so no weight limit. It has a uv tent and it is incredibly easy to put up and take down. It doesn't have a mattress, but we put it on top of a mat when it is for sleeping. I would not use it as my bassinet, every day sleep set up, but for when you think you'll need the play pen. It is currently set up as our ball pit, but we have used it on trips and at other non child proof homes.
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They do make a PNP for twins now with higher weights on it not sure how high but it is higher with and has the double top part for twins. I know you can only order it online but can't remember who sales it for the least amount
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We must have went through 20 different sleeping arrangements those early weeks!!

We used the travel pack n play and loved it. We could pull it beside our bed at night, then out to the living room during the day. I had one crib that they shared until they started rolling into each other at 2 months old (yes, 2 months old, sigh.) We also had a queen bed, and a king bed. Sometimes we were all in the king, sometimes I had one, and Dad had one in the other bed, etc. It just depended on what was working.

I have heard the regular co-sleeper is miserable to take apart and often breaks (perhaps that has been fixed?).

Now they each have their own cribs and crib tents, and they sleep mostly in their own beds. I am glad they are in their own beds, I was having panic attacks about falling/laid on babies and had stopped sleeping. Now, when someone sleeps with us, I can enjoy it.
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When our girls were first born we used the Arm's Reach co-sleeper. One slept in there and the other slept between us in bed. After a short while, we decided to side-car a crib and I felt that worked much better for fitting both of them, plus it enabled us to still co-sleep and have one of them move between us when necessary. This time around, I had been planning on skipping right to using a crib as a side-car but we don't have the cribs anymore (or the arm's reach) and our four year olds are still sleeping in the room with us, sometimes in our bed, sometimes in a futon that's next to the bed...You'd think that I would be better prepared considering we're already 35 weeks.... Can you ever be ready for a second set of twins?
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We have the Arm's Reach Original Co-sleeper and it's been used all over the place in our house and on trips for several months. It's bassinet weight limit is 30lbs, so our boys have just grown out of being able to use it together, though mostly these days one sleeps in the co-sleeper and the other in a Moses basket (still...though, those days are numbered!)--they are at an age where they wake each other constantly if they are in the same bed. To use it as a sleeper and a pack-n-play in the same time frame (of a day, for example) would be a royal pain, since taking the bassinet part down is putzy. But, if you were thinking of using the pack-n-play part after your twins had outgrown the bassinett, that would be do-able. It is much putzier to set up than a regular Graco pack-n-play, and I had initial issues with a joing breaking that I had to send back to the company for repair. But, it's very sturdy and a good option if you plan on not traveling much. If you have a good Craigslist in your area, these are out there all the time for a good price.
As for the twin-bassinet pack-n-play, the weight limit is the same (15lbs) as the regular one, it just has two cutesy dividers w/bonnets in the top. I saw one at a local store and read the instructions. Total waste of $, IMO.
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Originally Posted by Alisa View Post
Can you ever be ready for a second set of twins?
Holy moly!!!! Good luck to you, mama!

I agree w/ PP that using the arms reach for PNP and bassinet in the same day would be a PITA. We're only switching ours when we're done using it as a bassinet.
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We sidecarred our crib and they all three sleep in it.
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Now I'm really leaning toward just putting the crib in our room... Can any crib that has a lowerable side be sidecarred?
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I'm pretty sure, but not positive. You might ask on 'life with a babe' forum. There's many moms that have done this. Our crib is convertible so we just set it up as a daybed and scooched it to the edge of our bed on my side.
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We took the bar off one side of our crib (into the daybed) and pushed it againste the bed, worked great during those all night breasfeeding nights. Why buy a bassinet when you could use your crib. Eventually at around 11 mos. I put them in their own cribs but side by side.
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We set up a crib in our room due to lack of space anywhere else for it. I guess we used it maybe once the first 6 months. The girls would never sleep well in it. As soon as we would put them in it, they would wake up and cry.

So, we brought them into our queen, and they slept (and so did we!!) great! Once dd1 became a steamroller and disturbing dd2 all night we moved her into the crib. At that point we began searching for another crib, and eventually moved both girls into individual cribs side-by-side in their own room at around 9 months. Neither one ever put up a fuss. I can count on one hand the number of times they haven't slept through the night in the last 9 months. We are blessed.
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Didn't have time to read all the replies so far, but this is what we did:

We had the single Arm's reach co-sleeper (it was the only option for us, as our bedroom is TINY).

Neither of the twins would go in it. If we tried, it was like trying to lay them on hot coals or something. They hated it.

If I had the room, I would do a regular crib as a sidecar. That way, you could use it as a crib when/if they ever sleep in their own room, and there is enough room to separate them a little. (Ours also hated being to close to oneanother - go figure.) In the end, we put our mattress on the floor and another one right next to it.

All in all, it's very hard to figure out what your little ones' sleep styles and preferences will be before you meet them, so I would make purchases that are as flexible as possible, so that you can use them differently if your "Plan A" doesn't work out.
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Haven't read the other replies. We borrowed an Arms Reach Co-sleeper, but when the girls were first born (ie. small enough they would've fit in the cosleeper together LOL) they slept SO much better in our actual bed between us, that we ended up doing that instead. Once they were abit bigger, my dad built us a "co-sleeper" the size of a standard twin mattress & we STILL have that in our room. The girls have been in their own room (on mattresses on the floor, someday we'll put frames under the mattresses but they like to jump on the mattresses so we've left them on the floor) since around 20 mo, but they still come in to our bed during the night & it's nice to have the extra room (though it's usually me sleeping in the "cosleeper" because they crawl in between dh & I and take up so much room that I roll on over into the cosleeper). A couple pictures of our cosleeper (probably the only time our bed's been made since they were born LOL) are here: http://2sweetpeas.net/NewHouse.htm
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