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garlic OVERLOAD and breastfeeding

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Has anyone ever had this happen/know its effects? (kinda a cross post from nutrition)

I ate something w/ a ton of garlic last night, and (although this has never happened and I've eaten massive amts of garlic before) suddenly I am literally OOZING garlic. Its in my breath, my saliva... its as if I have been chewing on garlic and this meal was yesterday around 3:30pm est. Nothing I've done has been able to cure it.

Anyways, is there any way this could/would go into my milk supply? I know that garlic is good for you and all, but the taste is sooo bitter and yucky that I'm concerned it might turn my daughter off from BF until its gone, and since thats a huge form of comfort for us I would have a really rough couple of days ahead of me. The one post I had in response to my question suggested that I would have to just wait it out for a couple of days.

Also, if I were to do a liquid fast for 24-48 hrs (I have GOT to get this out of my body... its sooo gross) would that greatly affect my daughter? she's 15 mos and eats 3-5 meals a day of "table food" plus drinks other fluids so while it wouldnt be the best situation, I am wondering if clearing out the toxins (clear juices etc) would not be a better choice than permeating my house and running off my family w/ the garlic thing.
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Has she nursed at all since you ate all the garlic? It's totally normal to have it come out in your sweat, body oil, etc. after you've eaten a lot of it. If she has already nursed, and doesn't seem to care, I wouldn't worry. I don't think fasting will get rid of it any faster, but generally fasting isn't recommended while you're lactating.
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she has, but has been really fussy and slept very little last night. I was actually thinking that maybe she had an earache or was teething or something, but I guess this could be it. So hard to tell since sometimes she just doesnt sleep well for no reason whatsoever.

I know fasting isnt reccomended while BF, but I wasnt sure how that applied to short term 24-48 hr liquid fasting (i.e. drinking herbal teas, juice, water) since there is still vitamin intake, its such a short period, and she's not getting her sole nutrition from it. I wouldnt even consider it if she was < 1 yr old or not eating a variety of foods etc.

Anyways, I just hope that it doesnt transfer the taste to her like it is doing to me.
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The information I have seen suggests that babies actually tend to like garlicky milk and will nurse more frequently! No worries.
Garlic isn't a toxin, either. It's good for you. It's okay. You'll smell better tomorrow .
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My babe loves garlicy breast milk and decides to nurse even more after I've been eating Italian. I've also read about other babes liking the garlic taste. Try not to worry and good luck!
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I have never really worried about garlic. I do cut back for a while when my dh exclaims to my dd "You have garlic milk breath! What did your momma eat?" They both look at me and we share a laugh.
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I eat a TON of garlic daily. BF'd for 3 years w/ no complaints from ds!
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i'm wondering if its because I havent been drinking enough liquids, so its a lot more concentrated than it should be. Someone in the nutrition section said they'd had the same problem but hadnt said why, and thats the only thing I can think of that I've done differently. I've been naughty about drinking too little lately

It may not sound like a big deal... but its not just a "I had italian" kinda thing... its like... my mouth has replaced saliva with squished garlic juice. I loved garlic prior to this, but it will be a long time before I'll be able to eat it again after this. I honestly never thought there was such a thing as too much garlic until this, lol.

thanks for all the feedback. wish I had some breath mints
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Garlic is great for your immunity! It will get into your breasmilk but unless your DC is sensitive to it, it shouldn't bother her enough to stop feeding. I took loads of garlic (fresh and capsule form) when my DS and I got thrush. He didn't seem to react any differently to it at all, AND it helped get rid of the yeasties!

I don't know of any quick cure for getting it out of your system. It should just dissipate after a couple of days. I know after I eat lots of garlic I smell it on myself but DH never smells it on me. It might not be as bad as you think.
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I never worried about it and it never bothered dd.

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I don't know about older children, but studies have shown that most babies will nurse longer after momma eats garlic.
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dd seems to like it after i've eaten a garlicky/oniony/highly spiced meal. this is one of the great benefits of breastfeeding. babies get used to different tastes instead of the one consistent taste of formula. it seems to be correlating now to dd's love of ALL foods, including some pretty spicy things that i wouldn't have guessed that she would enjoy.

your dd might be fussy because of something else...did you eat a lot of dairy or wheat with the garlic?
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Everytime I eat a lot of garlic I notice my ds smells like it. But he doesn't seem to mind garlic at all. And I love it when he smells garlicy-maybe because my family is Sicilian
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This really explains how my day went yesterday! I had italian the night before and ate some really garlicky breadsticks and yesterday I couldn't keep ds off my breast! He must love the garlic too!
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I had a meal like that in the early days-- maybe DS was.....1 week old?
Anyway, my mouth was the same-- oooooozing with garlic flavor/scent, , even I felt nauseated by the overload, etc.-- and I thought only I was bothered, but then a few hours later DS had one big projectile vomit. Can't be sure, but since there were no other symptoms I attributed it to a sensitivity to TOO much garlic.

I haven't OD'd that bad since-- he's been fine with normal amounts
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Originally Posted by ccohenou View Post
The information I have seen suggests that babies actually tend to like garlicky milk and will nurse more frequently! No worries.
Garlic isn't a toxin, either. It's good for you. It's okay. You'll smell better tomorrow .
this is what i have heard as well.

how is babe doing today?
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Last week, during one day, I intentionally ate 10 (yes 10!) cloves of raw garlic. Five in the morning and five in the evening. In an attempt to fight off my mastitis -- and it worked! Maybe DS was slightly more gassy, but really, I don't think I noticed a difference. And he nursed just fine. I think he liked it. I definitely smelled like garlic myself, but it was way better than having mastitis. Garlic rocks IMO!
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