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tape suggestions

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i'd like to find a yoga/stretching tape that i can use at home that might even be of interest to my three year old. i'm a plus size and am mostly interested in stretching my underused muscles and having something to share with dd.

i have one that i bought that is for kids. its led by a woman and they animal poses.

i cant stand it! something about her voice just grates on my ears and she tries to make suggestions of imagery to help you relax and i just want to scream 'oh please!' at the tv -- so i'd say its not working LOLLL

before i spend a thousand dollars on every single tape out there, can you give me any suggestions please? : )

i have also wondered about the 'rubber band' exercises that you can do at home (its an oversized rubber band) - so i'd take suggetsions there too please! : )
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My favorite is "yoga for beginners" It has three 20 minute work outs Am Pm and stress relief. It has three different instructors so you don't get sick of them to quickly! It is put out by "Living Arts"

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Is that the Yoga for kids one? It sounds like the same one I have.
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LOL we have the Yoga Kids video also. I found a tape called Fat Burning Yoga, it's not specifically for kids but mine do do it with me sometimes. I just saw that they have a new DVD version of it where they have 4 different modified levels- I want to get that one since there is no way I can do all the moves on the video! (I'm also a big mama)
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