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Support, help, opinions needed!

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This is my 3rd time typing, as DS has hit ESC at the end of my typing 2 times now! I am a mess!

I am the Mama of 2 kids, a 20 month old DS and a 6yo DD. I currently work 3rd shift ata store whiel DH was working day, but he just lost his lates job. The night shift is wearing on me but I love being home with the kiddos! Anyway, we are over 3 months behind on ALL major and minor bills and need cash FAST! DH mental health is deteriorating quickly (help is slow coming!!) and I do not expect him to be able to hold a job for some time! So I have begun looking for a good paying job. I applied for one place that starts at over $10,000 a year MORE than my prior administrative jobs ( I have NO formal training). If I get this job it will save our home, etc. but the idea of leaving DS all day is sickening. DD went to daycare as a smaller child than DS and it worked out well. But that fit her personality, really! She loves people, large groups, school, etc. DS is doing well, but he is not the same, it worries me. Now if DH gets a p/t job or just sicker, at least p/t daycare will be necessary, so I am bervous. I have began calling around. He is not vaxed so private childcare is my only place I'd check anyway, I had good luck with that wit hDD. I am not in the mood with paperwork and stuff b/c he is not vaxed and does not lay down on a mat and sleep on his own!! (DD did attend a prechool daycare later on and adored it, so they are not all bad!!)

The job: Here is a link to the company http://www.foodsciences.com/ What do you think? I fear they may be all about what I AM NOT? If they are just diet products I can deal, but I am not so sure. What do you ladies make of this place? they also run a healthy woman type magazine, focusing on weight loss (And here comes a chubby lady uninterested in diets to work for them!! lol)

Ok, it hasn't been offered but I want input. We need the cash, NOW!! I am torn as I was looking forward to my summer of free days (working nights. Thankfully, our town offers a FREE day camp for kids DD"s age, so childcre will not be an issue for a while with her!
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Sounds like you are in a stuck place and you have a difficult decision to make. I can understand your feelings about not wanting to leave your child in daycare and your concerns about the company for whom you may work. That said, it sounds like, given the circumstances and until things stabilize with your DH, you are doing the right thing (though not the easiest thing). Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about the company unless you're getting the hit that you would truly be miserable there and compromising yourself to an unhealthy degree. This will probably be a temporary situation until you work out a better long term plan anyway but until then, I'd seize the opportunity to make the extra money as it sounds like financial pressures are mounting. If you learn that this company is not for you, well then you will find something else. I hope you find a daycare that feels good to you and your child. Though hard, you will both find a way to adjust to being apart until you can work out something else. Oh, and how about other supports (emotionally) for yourself - this sounds like a pretty stressful time! You will get through this! Good luck!
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Thanks. I am coming to grips, I do actually hope that I get a good paying job such as this, we have been in the dumps for well over a year now. One great plus is I noticed this place is next to the ONLY Whole Foods in the area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! It will be thwfurthest place I have ever considered working (20 minute commute w/o traffic) but the jobs around here pay horrible. Actually, the office jobs pay LESS than my convenient store job!!

I do want peoples take on what this company is. I say weight loss gimmick scientists...
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Just a quick tip - my kids hit the esc key on me all the time. Just take a deep breath (after going ack oh no!! LOL) right click your mouse over the text feild where you were typing and find the option "Undo" and your whole whatever you were working on will reappear!! Happened to me just the other day actually.
I don't have any workds of advice but I hope things will work out. Something will work and you will find it. Good luck!
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ACK! My original post started (before ESC) with PLEASE DO NOTMOVE TO WORKING MAMAS!! I am checking this before I left for the interview, I needed some support and responses and we all know this thread gets alot less trafic than the others. Geez, so I got no feedback on the company....

But for those who have responded thanks so much for the advice, it is MORE than appreciated!!
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I think you gotta do what you gotta do in order to keep your family afloat. It might not be your first choice of places to work, but it might not be that bad, either. I looked at the web site and I'd probably not like the contract marketing more than the product development, but that's me. It didn't look really weight loss so much as GNC type products to me.

I'd say go for it.
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I just took a look at the website, since that seems to be the thing that you really want feedback on. Anyway, like the previous poster said, it seems like it is a marketing/nutritioun company that is similar to GNC and other such company's. I don't really know what you will be doing for them. Marketing? Selling their products? IMO, if you need the money and if it is only going to be temporary and you won't be compromising yourself too much, take the job!!! It will help your family get out of a tight financial situation even though it will mean that you will have to sacrifice some time with your kiddos. I don't have much advice as far as the daycare goes, other than I hope you find a nice, trustworty DC close to home where your ds will feel comfortable. Kids are extremely resiliant and adaptable. He will likely adjust better than you think. I think it is wonderful that you are aware of the differences between your kids and are thoughtful enough to find a caregiving situation for your ds that fits his personality, since he is less extroverted than your dd.

Anyway, back to the job. I'm not a huge fan of marketing or sales, but I know that it is one of the fields that is currently still hiring, even in this horrible economy. DH has been checking out various marketing/sales jobs for this exact reason, even though it isn't his *dream* job or even a field he is particularly interested in. When times are tough, we all need to make sacrifices and do what we can do to get out of them. At least that is my view. When products are marketed well, people buy them and the economy does better. That is the rationale. So, there are lots of openings for entry level positions doing some form or marketing ro sales. That being said, if you can handle the work and it isn't repugnant to you, then the jobs souds like it would be good for you, at least for a while until something else comes up. As long as they are selling products that are FDA approved and aren't harmful, then you don't have to feel bad. If nothing else, you can learn something new about health and nutrition. (But, be careful with those quick-fix diet gizmos and pills.....most do not work long term). : Best of luck to you and your family!!!

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It sounds like an interesting company. The affiliations are good and it sounds like a good aaproach to well being by using science instead of herbal. I tend to appreciate this more except that I am not into suppliments!

Heck, why not go for the job? I know it will be hard to be away from your children, but you know, they need to have clothes and food and shelter in addition to the love you give. It sounds like DH needs some of the pressure off of him, so if you are earning the money for right now, it may help his recovery.
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I am not in the mood with paperwork and stuff b/c he is not vaxed and does not lay down on a mat and sleep on his own!!
You know, I never thought my daughter would be able to sleep at daycare either...but she does, I've seen it happen. Six little mats come out, the kids grab their blankies and lie down, and the teachers go around and rub backs and sing until everyone's sleeping. This is NOTHING like the way I have to put Mallory down for a nap (nursing, rocking, etc), but it still works. I think she understands that I'm not there and that something different is required of her. As someone else said, kids are very adaptable!

Anyway, that's probably not your main concern, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.
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The position is a Receptionist/Administrative Assistant position. the interview went well, Iknow by Tuesday. The company sounds cool, premade dietary and health food products (sold thru Docs etc.) but nothing particularly bad. I am nervous about going back to an administrative enviironment but the $$ is so needed this would be a blessing. With DH's current issues, it would be beneficial I get a job we can live on.

Cross your fingers!!
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Wishing you losts of luck!!!!
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It's Wednesday and no wrod, they said I'd hear from them by yesterday...oh well.
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Any news???
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Not a word, but I hada preinterview somewhere else today!! Not sure of the pay, but it a mile up the road. Looks ok, but I fear it may not pay!
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How did the second pre-interview go?
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