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Hi, Madison! How's it going, Mama? Not too long now! It never ceases to amaze me how much alike we are!! It sounds like you have an awesome setup, the changing table, quilt and basket of toys, in particular, sound lovely. I was wondering if washing down the changing table each time might get a little tedious for you (seems like I spend at least half my time there : and the other half in my nursing chair :LOL Just kidding!) and it is nice to have a nice soft cloth to lay their sweet soft little heads on. I have a couple of changing table pad covers I'm not using that I could send you if you like. They are nice and soft and broken in!

I thought of a few more things I wanted to say, so here's the sequel to my book. :LOL My all time favorite parenting book is "Whole Child Whole Parent" by Polly Berrien Berrends. It's more of spiritual guide than a parenting book. She writes about how you can know what is needed by knowing what is essential. For instance, a baby needs to be nourished, that is what is essential. So, when you think about how you will do that you will know what is necessary (Breasts! ).

That being said, I did think of some more things that I thought were nice to have on hand with a new baby. (Oh, and in regards to the post above about breast pads not being needed, I *wish* that were true for me!) People have mentioned having a nursing station and/or a rocking chair. With dd1 I had a rocking chair, and with dd2 I have an arm chair with a slanted wooden nursing stool. I keep a burp cloth draped over the arm and there's a little table next to it where I have the phone and I can put a drink or whatever there. And also related to nursing, I knew I was going back to work so I had bottles and nipples, a basket to hold them in the dishwasher, a small cooler and reusable ice packs (which you could also use for engorgement, but frozen peas work better, they mold! ).

I agree with Madison about board books. I started reading right away (in utero, actually) and later baby can use them as teething toys! :LOL Lullaby tapes or CDs are also nice to have. I also liked having extra film, camera battery, etc. on hand as well as a baby book and/or diary, keepsake box that kind of thing.

For the "medicine cabinet" I have syrup of Ipecac, the poison control center's number, arnica gel and tablets (these are great for both mama and baby after birth), Rescue Remedy, a digital thermometer, diaper cream with zinc oxide, baby Tylenol, and homeopathic teething remedies. I like the philosophy of not assuming you'll definitely need these, but I prefer to have stuff already in the house, so that if I do have a problem it's not compounded by having to acquire a needed item, kwim?

I like having a separate laundry basket (or it could be a bag) for baby's things and I wash them separately, just a personal preference. A nice, sturdy, dark colored diaper bag of some kind is a very wonderful thing to have. Those vinyl pastel ones just fall apart and show the dirt something awful. Plus, some dhs don't like to carry them. For in the diaper bag a changing pad, extra butt cream, tissue, wipes, change of clothes, extra binky if you use one, pain killer for Momma, etc. For my cloth dipes I bought one of those clamshell type cosmetic bags and labeled one side "clean" and the other "dirty." They zip shut and are perfect for short outings when I'll only need one or two dipes. For longer outings I bring along a large ziplock bag. Sorry so long. I like to share, can you tell?

P.S. edited to add that I had little babies and they did wear newborn size onesies for a few months, even over their big butts! However, often well-fed NFL babes are bigger than my li'l seven pounders! I really like my foam sponge for bathing baby. She likes to lay on it in the big tub while I wash her and her sister!
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two slings (one for when the other is in the wash) and not the ones they sell at toys r u... maybe a maya wrap or a rebozo

we don't use any soap for dd, babies basically don't need soap or shampoo until much older

a nice car seat... i hear great things about the britax line of seats


we use simple cpf and fleece wraps as a back up when we use diapers.... wanna talk about bare minimum for baby gear look into elimmination communication... (it is awesome, it's basically like bf'ing on cue only it is for pee and poop on cue)

a bobby type pillow can make positioning easier (i've only used mine like 5 times though)(same with the rocking chair so far)

good luck
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