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Hi I hhave another drug question....
Clomid was a big ol' bust for me so now I get to move on.
Yesterday I started with Provera and my dr. said that I would get my period anywhere between 5-14 days after I finish the pills.
How did it affect you, and when did it work for you?

Then on cd3 I get to take Femara, which I am a little scared about after reading the leaflets they gave me. I want to know how other people reacted to it, and if they were successful.

Finally, I know that I have come here with all of these questions of all of the drugs I'm taking. If it's annoying to someone, I'm sorry. I will do whatever I need to in order to get pregnant, but the drugs scare me. Doctors scare me. I am one of those people who doesn't even take tylenol for a headache, and now I am taking so many things and I can feel it. It's reassuring to me to see how they affected other people, and what I can expect. I know I can ask my dr. but I want a non-medical opinion.

That said. Thank you!