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had my baby yesterday!

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I had my baby boy, Griffin Vaughn, yesterday morning at 7:30 AM. I was 37 weeks, 4 days, so he surprised us by coming a little early. He was born at home with about a 12 hour labor. I didn't call the midwives until about 7 hours into the labor, because I kept thinking surely the contractions would go away since it was so early. Labor went well, I might post a birth story later, but there wasn't anything too exceptional except that I had to push a little without feeling the urge since he was still pretty high after I was dilated to a 10 (to make the risk of cord prolapse go away). Just for a little while, though, then just back to letting contractions do their thing. When I finally did feel like pushing, he was out really quick.

He was 7 pounds, 3 ounces (much bigger than my 6 lb daughter born at full-term) and 20 inches.

ETA: Here's some pictures!

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I saw your announcement and was wondering how to congratulate you! So I'm glad you started the thread!
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Congratulations!! He sounds wonderful!!
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I saw your birth announcement and I'm just so happy to hear that everything went well - and your baby is safe in your arms! I'd love to hear about the birth, so if you feel like posting it, I'll be reading it! Take care!
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: Griffin, and welcome too the world little man!

Congratualtions mamma
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welcome griffin! what a great name!

congrats, susannah!
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Welcome Griffin!!! Love his name! Sounds like you had a great labor and delivery! I'm 37w4d today!! That's crazy. It makes it feel so close.
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I love the name and he is so cute! Daddy looks happy! Congrats!
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congratulations! and welcome griffin!
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He's so beautiful! Congratulations mama & welcome griffin!
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He is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations and enjoy your baby moon!!!

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Congratulations! He's a beautiful little guy!
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He is gorgeous! Congratulations
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Congrats! I guess he was just ready and raring to come. Glad it went so smoothly!
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He's adorable!!! Congratulations and welcome to the world Griffin. Sounds like you had a great birth.
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Congrats! Can't wait to read your story!
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Congratulations! What a wonderful birth and a beautiful baby! Enjoy your babymoon!
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