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Belly Casting Pictures :)

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I left work today telling everyone I was getting plastered lol needless to say, I did : My doula came over this afternoon and did my belly cast. I'm so excited, it came out wonderful. I can't decide to have it painted or decorated, it looks so pretty all white by itself. Sharing some pics






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Wow, that is awesome! You look absolutely fabulous, and what a gorgeous belly! Be sure to post pictures if you do paint it!
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You look so beautiful, and that looks like it was alot of FUN!!! Did tha cast get heavy after a while? I wanted too do this a few yrs back, just never did it, so I am JEALOUS! I say decorate it

How FUN!
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I love it! And you look gorgeous! I'd definitely decorate it.. I have one from my first pregnancy and it's still just hanging in the closet! One day I'll do something cool with it! Wasn't it fun? Some friends came and did mine and we had a little party, it was nice! Since then, we have all done one for each other, the 4 of us.
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how fun!
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I guess I am not going to do one this time Your pics are great and you look wonderful!
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Cool! We are supposed to do my belly cast at my birth blessing on Feb 2nd. I am excited!
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You look gorgeous and radiant, mama!! I think we're going to do a belly cast in a week or two, it will be our first and last.
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