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*~ Weekly Thread January 24-30 ~*

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WoooHooo, it's almost February. We're almost one month closer to our birth month. I was shocked to see that there are moms popping up in the preg forum that are due in October already. It makes me feel like we're all making progress. I remember when we were the newest DDC :

It feels good to know that I'm a little more than half way there I've been nesting like a crazy woman. DP is painting the nursery this weekend then we're gonna start setting it up. This past weekend I cleaned the kitchen better than it's ever been cleaned

How is everyone else doing? Any nesting going on?
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packing this side, can't nest until we get to England and we find a house so mid April hope that is enough time!
Still feeling nauseous at time and can't sleep!
feeling sad about going but hate the wait it must just hurry up and be end march so we can just go.
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I've had such a rough few days. My daughter was sick Wednesday to Saturday and my son has been sick since Friday. While my daughter is mostly better besides a nasty cough my son has bronchitis and strep. Its a nightmare! He was just diagnosed yesterday so he's only had 1 dose of antibiotics (he threw up the 2nd dose last night). He was coughing all last night so neither of us got any sleep. He HATES the medicine so I have to hold him down and force it into him and hope he doesn't spit or throw it back up. Poor kid has been acting so sick and so not like himself. I feel so bad for him. I just hope next 10 days go by fast because giving him medicine 3 times a day is almost as bad as him being sick. I am waiting, now, for myself to get strep. He's coughed enough on me to get me sick 100s of times over . All I can think about is what the heck are we going to do when there are 3 kids who are sick at once! At least now my DH can take one kid and I get the other but 3 will be a challenge. How do you mothers of 3 or more do it???
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My DS conked his head right on my face yesterday and I went to the Dr to make sure he didn't break my nose. Sure felt like it. My face is all bruised! I look as if I've been in a fight!

Our ultrasound is tomorrow. I'm excited to see our baby and maybe find out the sex. We're also going to poke around on the birthing floor at the hospital while we are there... I preregistered there just in case of a transfer from home. It's a different hospital than our transfer choice last time... it's baby friendly, thank goodness. I don't anticipate a transfer but I'm trying to have my ducks in a row. We transferred with DS.

The nausea is finally letting up over here and I'm finally at dead even with my weight- no loss, no gain!

Hope everyone is well.
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I don't know if this counts as nesting but I've been itching to sew diapers and knit covers and shorts. I get in as much "crafty" time as possible. Unfortunately, I have no desire to actually clean up the house. DH has been a sweetie though and actually forbid me to clean the bathroom and promised to do it himself!! (I didn't argue one bit!)

We had an appointment with our mw yesterday-things are going great! She thought I was measuring a bit big but wasn't concerned about it.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!
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My brain is nesting, but can't seem to get my body in on the act. I desperately want my home clean and organized, and it's really not that bad, so it shouldn't be too tough to achieve, but I can't seem to get everything together at once. As soon as I get the kitchen clean, DD gets all her books and laundry strewn all over her room, and while I'm straightening that up, the dog throws up on the carpet... And so it goes. I really need to go through the items in my house and get rid of a bunch of stuff, but it's hard to work on that while DD is awake, and when she naps,I want to nap, too! I end up deciding that it's all futile and quitting because I feel so tired. Basically I just feel lame and frustrated with myself.

On the positive side of things, I've finally arranged an appointment with my chiropractor for tomorrow and made plans to start attending prenatal yoga this weekend. Hopefully those two items together will help improve my energy level and outlook on life.
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Oh my goodness! I am nesting like crazy and dragging my Husband right along with me! It is so fun We might paint the nursery this weekend too!!!
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I'm another low-energy nester. All it makes me want to do is buy stuff and pay other people to do stuff to my house!

My kitchen is disgusting. I'm not sure it has ever looked this bad before. Usually I am a cluttery person, but I've got the kitchen counters wiped and no food stuff around being unhygienic. Right now, I've got crumbs on the counters, dirty dishes stacked up (because the dishwasher is still full of clean ones), and a handful of spilled dry noodles that are too big for the vacuum to suck up off the floor. Frankly, I can't even gather the energy to go in there right now. I run in, grab a prepared food item, and run out. It is awful.

Yesterday afternoon and today I am so tired, all I want to do is nap. When DH got home yesterday, I handed him DS and went straight upstairs (7 pm.) This morning, DS and I woke up, I fed him a bowl full of dry cereal and a banana, then I took him back upstairs and let him watch a video TWICE while I rested in my bed.

If this doesn't clear up a little tomorrow, I'm going to make another appointment with the midwives. This seems excessive, and I want my iron checked (once it goes down, it will probably stay down due to my genetic condition, and I will lose my chance to birth at the birth center ) and maybe my thyroid. I'm starting to feel hot at night in bed, but I am still chilly during the day. I can't remember when my pregnancy furnace kicked in last time.

Is anyone/everyone else feeling pregnancy-hot (physically warm, not sexy! ) yet? (You can feel sexy too, if you want, but it doesn't really impact my thyroid fears! )

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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post

If this doesn't clear up a little tomorrow, I'm going to make another appointment with the midwives. This seems excessive, and I want my iron checked (once it goes down, it will probably stay down due to my genetic condition, and I will lose my chance to birth at the birth center ) and maybe my thyroid. I'm starting to feel hot at night in bed, but I am still chilly during the day. I can't remember when my pregnancy furnace kicked in last time.

Is anyone/everyone else feeling pregnancy-hot (physically warm, not sexy! ) yet? (You can feel sexy too, if you want, but it doesn't really impact my thyroid fears! )

Yeah, I'm on fire. I'm hot most of the time. Then I get lovely hot flashes. At night I have it sol cold in our bedroom that DP sleeps with the covers over his head and I sleep in just a t-shirt without blankets. I'm also tired halfway through the day. I always "crash" around 1:00 ish and I HAVE to lay on the couch and rest a bit. I'm still waiting for that secont trimester burst of energy.
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2nd trimester energy burst? I think I already had it, even though I'm just half-way in. For the last week or two, I get cranky like a 3 year old if I don't lie down for a nap by 1.30 or so. Not so good since I work 9-5, M-F! My coworkers are really starting to wonder what is going on with me.:

I guess I'll go get another cup of decaf...

And yes, I must be having big hot flashes while sleeping, becuase every morning I wake up outside of the covers, with nothing but my tank top on. And the bedroom is COLD! I must be out for hours, becuase my skin is freezing to the touch - I crawl back under the covers and my DH moves as far away from me as possible - I probably feel like an ice cube to him.
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I'm totally into night sweats now - even nap sweats! The other day, after I woke up from napping with ds1 (3.5yrs), he said: "Mommy, did you pee in the bed?"

I actually find the sweats rather cleansing, though

Oh, and I'm totally exhausted all the time, too. I just want to sleep in and nap long, and go to bed early - none of which is possible with a 3.5 and a 1.5 year old at home!
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No night sweats yet, but I've been having hot flashes during the day...which is hard since they seem to be immediately followed by shivery cold flashes! I know the thermostat is keeping the house at 62 degrees so it's got to be me.

I'm also having more hormonal moments...picking a fight with DH over somethign really stupid, or getting totally teary over the recent run of breast cancer walk ads (the one where the wife/mother dies and the father/daughter do the walk in her honor gets me EVERY time).

Nesting is still coming and going...we really want to sell our house and move someplace furhter out of town. So that's sort of nesting on a big scale. But I can't tell how much is pregnancy nesting and how much is "getting house ready for the market". We're looking at a (stream free) property either tomorrow or Friday so fingers crossed. We should have just barely enough to make the downpayment once our tax return arrives, but our debt ratio isn't great so it's a bit iffy with the bank.

DD has been pulling out all the toddler stops though and it's been a tough few days. She actually threw a fit on the stairs yesterday and when I picked her up (so she wouldn't fall) she pushed off the stair railing with her feet and we BOTH fell about 6 steps. She was fine, the bellybabe seems fine, and other than my hip being totally shot and my lower back on fire for a few hours I seem to have survived as well. But oh gods...I was terrified.
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Whew! My energy surge is right now! When I am up, I am up and awake. Annoyingly awake. BUT around 3pm I am ready to rash out for an hour. Too bad DH doesn't get home until 430 and DD refuses naps.

DH left for a week long snowboarding trip to Hokkaido last night. I have a feeling that this week vacation from him will be half a nice break and half really hard. He will be gone for the u/s, so I get to surprise him if I find out Yippee! School officially started last night for me although I am already a week ahead. You never know when I will have a rough preggo week or when they will send me home. That week's cushion will come in handy. Last semester I fell two-three weeks behind all around because of my horrible nausea. I wish I had had that cushion then! (I pulled Bs though)

The other day I woke up and didn't feel pregnant. For the past few weeks my uterus had felt hard against the front of my stomach and now it feels like it fell back into me. I felt better a few minutes later when the kiddo woke up and started the morning party dance. It's still that way (the not feeling the hardness as much anymore).

I think I have gained like 5 lbs in the past week. No worries though because I know why........ice cream and a 13x9 of brownies. I need to go get some salad or something from the store! But mmmmmmmm miint chocolate chip............brownies and soy milk......
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Slightly unrelated, but vannienicole...what's the declutter total you have in your sig? We're trying to declutter too, but I can't figure out what the numbers mean!
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Oh, np... I am part of the declutter challenge. I actually count all the items that leave my house. I was just about to update on the items that left it yesterday. Actually seeing a number helps motivate me. Yes, counting all the items slows me down a bit, but I actually get to see what all the junk that I had was. Keeps me grounded . Last month I hit my 500 goal and this month I am working towards 750 and running out of stuff! 1250 items in two months.

There are many more doing it here:

Every month we start a new thread. Look through the list and you will see all the stuff that has left my house. I try to keep track of exactly what it was. Good luck!
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Wow! Sounds like fun!

Hmmmm....decluttering sounds like fun? Perhaps this is another example of my slightly warped nesting hormones?
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Had out ultrasound today!! Tonto (in-utero name) looks to be in fine health and growing nicely. I resisted the urge to find out the gender and I'm glad I did. The only slight concern is that while I do not have placenta previa, my placenta is lying about 2 cm from my cervix. So not great news, but not full on bad either. Apparently it is more common is second, third, etc pregnancies and often when it shows in the second trimester, the placenta actually moves up as the uterus grows and causes no issues. My mw said no intercourse until April (!) when we will have another ultrasound to see what's what but that for now, if it stays at 2 cm we can go ahead with vaginal birth but might do it in the hospital rather than the birth center. I'm okay with all of this, and hopefully the placenta will just move on up... I started doing some visualization of it during yoga tonight.

I don't have a real nesting surge, although I never really did with my daughter. I think I'm generally a nesty person (home-body, tidy-er, clean for relaxation, etc) so I don't know if I just don't notice a surge in these things.
The declutter talk though has just gotten my blood pumping... I'll have to go check out that thread. It could be dangerous for me!
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I met with my midwife yesterday. Baby sounds great. I found out my results for my early fetal scan thingy. Neg on downs and Neg on neral tube defects. Yeah!!! That's it for me I'm out. I don't want anymore bloodwork or scans or nothing. It's au natural from here on.
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54mama- Did your MW say why no intercourse? I had a partial previa with my last babe (it eventually moved on it's own) and my care provider (a family practice doctor) only had me on "pelvic rest" for the first trimester (which meant not only no intercourse, but um, nothing that would cause "uterine contractions" if you get my meaning!). Once I entered the second trimester and the placenta wasn't actually ON my cervix (but just barely off to one side) I was "cleared for activity". So I'm curious what explaination your MW gave.

But it's sort of a personal subject so feel free to ignore me!
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Nesting....more like resting! I have every intention to "nest" and can totally think of what I want accomplished, but I just can't seem to do it either. I just hate bending over and picking up toys 20 million times a day, and bending over taking clothes out of the dryer, bending over and picking up ds, in other words, I am so exhausted from bending over and picking up, that other than the usual housework and necessary stuff, I just haven't ventured to do more! In other news, dh left for a two night three day work trip, this is a very short trip for him (usually they are like 2 weeks), But I just hate seeing him go, I get very lonely without him as he is one of my best friends, I think it is even harder on me because ds misses him a lot too. Pregnancy wise I am feeling pretty good, my belly is growing a bit differently than it did with ds, so I am hoping thats because there is a little girl in there! Anyone had that experience before? Stay posted girlies!
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