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Alem is Here!!

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Hi Folks!

I am so excited to annouce that Alem was born on January 12th. He arrived after 58 hours of labour (and 15 hours once my waters were broken) and I required an unexpected c-section. It's been hard to get over the fact that I didn't have the labour I had hoped for. At the end of this tiring journey, I ended up having an epidural AND a c-section. My DH and I were both incredibly upset at that turn of events...especially since things had started out so positively. Basically, Alem was facing the wrong way and was stuck behind the pubic bone. So, despite being fully effaced and dilated, and even after pushing for over 2 hours, he was not coming. By that point, I had been labouring for such a long time, and was becoming dehydrated and also hadn't been able to keep any food down for 3 days so my energy was quickly waning. I really trusted our doctors because they shared our same values so when they recommended a c-section, we just cried and cried. It was so overwhelming, really.

But, he's here and completely healthy. We're SLOWLY getting used to this parenting thing and just hoping we're doing a good job.
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Congratulations!!!!! : :

I completely understand how your feeling about the birth not going the way you hoped. I also had an unexpected c-section the day after I was induced because my daughter became breech the night before. Lots of hugs to you and your family Be gentle with yourself emotionally and physically because healing is really important right now. (We'll do it together) All the best
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Congratulations and Happy Birth Day Alem! You share a birthday with my little guy. Momma, I am so very sorry that your birth did not go as planned. I know how emotionaly difficult it can be to be celebrating this glorious new life and still be mourning the birth you had been hoping for. Sending you love and healing vibes.
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Congratulations! Your baby is healthy and now you have a lifetime together! Exciting!!!!
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Enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome, baby Alem! Sorry you didn't get the birth you hoped for, but I'm glad you and your sweet babe are doing alright. Congrats!
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