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I am doing very good today. I sold a bunch of my wool stash instead of buying more

I plan on using that money to do the revamp of the inside of the house we are planning.
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well, i haven't been out much, so i haven't bought much in the past few days.

but today we spent $30 on take out food from the grocery store hotplate: a roasted chicken (organic) and spuds/veggies. it was good because we'd spent the afternoon at the dr with dh, then brought home dd1 starving from gymnastics so we didn't have to snack her and have dinner late...bed late...crabby in the morning. but with better planning we could have bought/prepped something homemade earlier. :

then a thread on lactivism led to nursing bra shopping online. i bought 8, for $140. they're my favorite style, that's discontinued, so i hadn't been able to find my size to replace my raggedy 2-6yo bras at various sources i'd checked for a while. (anyone want size 52DD/E/F?, cause that's what i usually find. or 32 B/C/D), and they were clearance priced, but maybe i should have bought fewer? there were pretty colors like leopard and periwinkle and black... the panic of never finding them again, like my other favorite discontinued style (curse you leading lady), prompted hoarding.

and there was a different style on another site, in pink! (rant: why are nursing bra's only in white! it's so boring and sexless. how do they think we got to be mamas, anyhow? and white shows through white shirts. they could at least make buff/nude/tan). i'm trying the wait a week approach with that one.
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I do the same thing! I have never told my dh exactly how much we pay to do our taxes until this year, because I am not filing our state return online.

I am glad I am not the only one!

Originally Posted by SugarGlider View Post
Today I paid 15.00 to get our state and federal taxes done. I could have looked for a place to do the federal free but I used the same place as last year. I told my hubby I only had to pay for the state, I don't even know why I lied about something he wouldn't have cared about. I'm gonna have to tell him the truth tonight.
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You are inspiring! You managed to do so much, and didn't spend a dime! How satisfying that must feel.

I have been looking for a thread like this!

Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
i did not spend any money yesterday. we hung with friends at their house and played. i ate breakfast and lunch and coffee at home.

for dinner, we went to a 2 year old b-day party. i had bought a $5 dr sears book for him back in december and the food was covered by our generous hosts! then we played at the play area.

today, i have not spent any money either!

i made coffee and breakfast at home, went to a play date then came home for lunch. i am going to try on dresses (from a friend's closet!) for a wedding tomorrow and will probably make dinner with my friend at her house. we already gifted the wedding couple so no money there.

additionally, i sold something on craigslist yesterday and returned a broken toy to a store. so, i actually made about $15...

thanks for the inspiration!!! how are you all doing?
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When I have suggested to my dh that we try the no shopping for a year plan, we started talking about the exceptions that we might make (groceries, personal items, dd's birthday party, etc). Dh commented on how this helped us to talk about what we are actually spending our money on.

And yes, a huge amount of it is coffee and food outside of the home! I also have a weakness for the thrift stores. I confess, I am hoarding cashmere sweaters to recycle into knitting yarn some day!

Somebody stop me!

Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
I have been wondering what i spend on an average day. Now, that I am not spending money at all, I can see where/when I would have spent money. So much of it seems to be eating food or coffee outside of the house.

Anyone else gotten a better sense of where/when you usually spend since you tried to cut back?
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I think that you may be a diaperaholic! I am a thriftstoreaholic! I certainly don't need all these sweaters!

Originally Posted by *andiflipping* View Post
yes...I know most of my extra money goes towards diapers:

I have done great so far today. I really really wanted to go to the bakery this morning but resisted. I just ate food we already had at home. It felt great.

I have to go to Menards later to get detergent. Wish me luck on leaving with just that.
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How did you do it? Do you have a system set up to keep track of spending?

Originally Posted by seeing_stars View Post
I checked my account yesterday and I have saved about $500 this month by being more aware of my spending. I am so happy! I get paid again in a few days too

I have about $600 of cc debt, so some will go toward that, my dh owes an attorney $900, so I'll make a payment on that and the rest will go into savings.
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Eek! That was an expensive trip to the park! I am sorry to hear about that.

Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
I spent money today : DS and I were out all day and packed snacks, but we ate them all and I got REALLY hungry. I'm pregnant and if I don't eat often I get dizzy and shaky...so we stopped to get food and spent $9.23.

We also got a parking ticket at the beach I was talking to a friend when I arrived and completely forgot about buying a $2 parking pass from the machine (we were meeting friends at the park and I was late so I was hurrying). When I got back to my car there was a $68 ticket!! A little excessive huh? I have the right to dispute it but I'm not sure if I will, it was my fault for not buying the parking pass.
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I know I'm a little late, but can I join in?

We just moved and bought a new house and a new (to us it's a 2000) car so money is a little tight. Since I don't really know many people here yet I've been feeling lonely and using shopping as therapy . I'd love to have a place to be accountable. Maybe it'll keep me in line!
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Doing good so far...
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some penny wise pound foolishness going on here.

dh is a bikeaholic, has 8 or 9 bikes ready to ride, plus components and frames enought to build another couple. he rides 10-15miles, up an elevation of ~1,500ft whenever he can ditch me and the kids for 2hrs (2-3x/wk). he tells me this is healthier and cheaper than other addictions (cars, other women...).

so last week he got hit and run (mostly ok, but very scary!) while on a bike (a Bob Jackson) that he bought 13 years ago. he's gotten at least 5 more bikes since then, and often said he should sell the bob jackson, because he didn't ride it much, that it was a little too small.

so now i find he's looking online for a new bob jackson, i hear him on the phone with someone about ordering it... the bike he got 13y ago was ~1,500. i'd bet we're talking 3K for a new one.

is this a reaction to the near death experience? do i let him go ahead and get what he wants? we're not hurting to pay the bills, but it took me six months of stashing a little money away each month to be sure we'd be ready to pay the 7K prop taxes (3,500 due in nov and feb) and retirement approaches. he's very thrifty in general (won't go out to dinner and such), except for his hobbies (~15 air rifles/pistols at $100-400 each), then only the best will do. and he feels entitled to reward himself because he works hard (a lot of OT demanded by his job).

he also avoids dicussion of financial planning, distracts and fights if pressed to discuss things, wants me to be responsible for it all.

any guidance?
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Re: bottled water --

Here's a link with some information. I'm sure there is more out there - this was just a quick google hit.

Aquafina and Dasani are muni water, so probably fluoridated.

I'm bothered by the sale of a public good at discount rates to a for-profit entity that then turns around and resells the exact same product, no value added, to the very public to whom the "good" belongs in the first place, and at a gigantic markup.

It's a colossal waste of money, anyway. If your (muni) water tastes bad, lobby your elected representatives to get it cleaned up. If you've only got a well and have yucky water, well, ok, that seems like a good reason to buy bottled water. But still, youch on the pocketbook.
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Originally Posted by *andiflipping* View Post
I am opening this thread to help keep us shop-aholics in line.

Report here everyday with your purchases or better yet..non-purchases.

Dh and I want to get a house so I need to get my spending under control. I need to be accountable somewhere.

Help keep me on track ladies.

I will start for today.

I paid a blance on shirts that I owed. $14 that came from my pp account.

I held my breath and skipped on the longies on fsot that I really wanted. I was proude of myself. It really was hard.

I will report again tomorrow night.

I know I'm late, but I need to join. I've been better than normal the last few months I suppose, but I can get pretty bad. I shop when I'm bored, I shop when I'm stressed, I shop for fun ( I need a damn hobby! ) It's easy to do because baby likes to walk around.

Today I have bought 1 starbucks- $3.91
Lunch (basically had to- met with my real estate agent at a restaurant for lack of anywhere else to go)- $8

That's it so far. I haven't gotten dp anything for Valentines day though

It's also early and I'm still at work...
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well, this thread is certainly making me think more about purchases, even to the point of evading reporting here (pretty anonomous, but even so...) out of slight guilt/uneasiness.

last wed: bought snow clothes for a trip we're taking this weekend. layers: waterproof jacket + pants, polartec zipper jacket, polyester zip turtle, 3 polyester zipneck inner layer shirts, 2 pr polartec sweats, 2 longjohns, a hat and a neckwarmer. also, gloves and polartec sweats for dh, gloves and waterproof pants for dd2. total >$500. rationale: california gal, didn't have much for snow, been borrowing stuff for years, but this year we're going with the people we usually borrow from. jennifer and i can't exactly wear her pants at the same time... and everytime i've worn cotton shirts (my everyday wear around here for our 50-60 degree winters)(much less jeans), i sweat and then freeze, and have no fun. all marked 30-70% off, but maybe with better planning i could have found stuff cheaper? but that takes time, and the trip came up recently, and is otherwise cheap: 3 families sharing a house (we've all camped together before), cooking at "home" etc. last year our weekend at the snow cost $800 (4 days), while i wore borrowed clothes.

yesterday at target: i got plastic drawers (~$30) to organize the kids' art supplies, that have been a big mess piled up on the table/floor in the corner of the kitchen, and while there got girls matching shirts $4/ea.
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I've found those plastic drawers at the thrift store before should you need anymore

You can normally get them at a decent deal. They're way expensive (more than they should be anyway!) when you get them brand new.
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I've been doing ok. We had to get a new bedroom set for DS so we could hand his furniture down to the new baby, I tried looking for used with no luck. I spent an entire day shopping around and ended up ordering a set online. It was $655 including shipping for the bed frame w/shelf headboard, dresser, and night stand. Not too bad considering it is brand new. It arrived today in a million pieces. : We did save money by not paying for assembly but it will be a PITA to put together!
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well I've been hitting the TP for diapers the past few days, but that's a good thing since I've decided to switch to cloth for the newbaby and I've gotten some really great deals. Plus none of it was new and I feel good about that.... giving something a second home
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I'm new, but I am joining in this thread because I have a serious shopping problem and I have to get it under control or I am really going to be sorry. I already have a good chunk of CC debt that I should be paying off, and I'm not.

Today I went to Target at lunch, to buy stuff for the office, and also bought two clearance shirts and four pairs of underwear for myself. Dammit.
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Today I've just bought lunch (dammit- I'm really bad about that). It was $5.85. Still no present for dp for today and I have a feeling he wants to go out tonight.
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Today DP talked me into us ordering take out from Outback for the three of us. It was $40 with tip : Now I feel guity, but it was sooo good.
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