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I've been doing good the past few days, I haven't bought anything since Sunday. My goal is to make it to Friday without buying anything. Baby steps.
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I'm doing well today. I haven't spent a cent, despite myself. I really wanted to get soup & a bagel & cookies out at our local bagel cafe, but talked myself into a can of chili with shredded cheese. Now I'm drinking a latte I made on our espresso machine with biscotti I got last time we were in a town with Trader Joe's. Success! In fact, I made $8 in credit at the local kids consignment store!
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DP's dad died today so he has to fly out to Boston unexpectedly, it's probably gonna cost around $700 for the trip. That is an expense we really weren't planning on at all so I'm gonna have to be extra good for the next few months.
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lessee... haven't posted in a while, haven't bought much lately, splurged on some expensive organic olive oil a week ago (the kind you drizzle on for flavor).

had to go to page 2 of my subscriptions to find this, so how's everyone else doing?

we got the big hospital bill for our share of dh's hit and run (car vs bicycle), $668, ouch. but better than the 9,000 pre-insurance charge. (most of it for CTscans, like ~8,000 of it. $129 for "pharmacy," which consisted of a couple injections of lidocaine before they stitched him up, and 1 vicodin and 1 motrin). but of course, the insurance only pays ~5K, and the rest is written off. such a game; who actually pays full price? only the uninsured?

and the ambulance bill came ($1,200), where they asked us to submit our car insurance because they thought it was a car accident. it will be paid by our med ins, but dh noticed they charged for things they didn't do, like an EKG. slimeballs probably pad a lot of bills, and the patients probably rarely know any better, since they're too sick/injured to remember.

and i had to go "shopping" into my box of pre-pregger (well, pre dd2) clothes, because my pants are falling off!!! yay!!! and maybe i'll get a pair of target capris when they go on sale, my summer uniform. i don't have any from this weight, i was more of a shorts gal back then.
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I need to curb myself, so i'm in.

Today i went to lunch at TGI Fridays & spend $12.00, also went to Trader Joe's on the way & spend $15.00

-But, i didn't have breakfast Out, which i have been doing for about the past 2 weeks, i have been on a reckless, breakfast out spree, and i'm trying to stop. :

Not that breakfast even remotely equals almost 30 dollars that i spent today.

I resolve to #1-- stop shopping at places where there are many temptations WITHOUT a list, and stop eating out at lunch time.

I feel better now. I hope that maybe tomorrow i won't spend anything.
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