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Another "drop" question...

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Well, kind of along the same lines as ofg's question about how to make baby drop...

How soon before labor started did your baby drop?

Everyone keeps telling me I haven't dropped and that means at least two more weeks : (which puts me over my date by two weeks, I'm due tomorrow). Personally I don't know if I've dropped or not, I've never had any trouble with heartburn or breathing or anything like that, so I don't think baby has ever been really 'high' . I thought I read somewhere that first timers would drop right before labor rather than weeks before? Or was it the other way around?

Just wondering . . . supposed to be working and since I can't seem to keep my mind off of 'when's the baby coming?' I thought I'd ask ya'll about your experiences.
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With my first, I dropped a day before I went into labor (though first your supposed to drop much more in advance theoretically), with this one, I dropped at 35 weeks and here I am at my Due Date still pregnant LOL
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Yo could drop today and go into labor... or you could drop tomorrow and go into labor... what's w/the 2 weeks waiting period?? I've never heard of that... my babies drop and i go into labor, no waiting in between... i had one at 38 weeks and another at almost 42 weeks and this time i'm almost 40 weeks now... we'll see (i haven't dropped yet either).
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I never had a moment where I "dropped." I gradually looked somewhat lower... I went 11 days over with DD and had this peanut on his due date. I did have other classic labor signs with DS- lost mucus plug 2 to 3 days before, bloody show 24 hours before, but if we were using "dropping" as the sign, I would probably still be pregnant! I wouldn't worry about it...
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My baby didn't "drop" until he landed in the midwifes hands. And I lost my plug about 45 minutes before that. So some babies give you no warning....I'm still waiting for that mythical nesting/burst of energy too. :

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in both pregnancies my baby dropped around week 30 and i'm still prego with this one and had to be induced with my first. so i don't think it really matters.
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DD1, dropped at 36 weeks and I was induced at 40 +2.

DD2, I had my appt with my m/w Thurs. afternoon, she said she had definitely dropped (my fundus was measuring 34 weeks and I was 38 weeks , I had been measuring at least a week ahead the whole pregnancy ) she also said my blood pressure was a little high which is another sign of impending labor.....went into active labor at 3:30am she was born 7:30am Fri. morning.

I don't really think it matters all that much, but just incase you are wondering, second time moms are the ones who are supposed to go into labor very soon after the baby drops.
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my little guy never dropped all the way... my waters never broke either, there was a bubble of waters under his head that kept him from getting right down.

but, he was born on his due date, with an easy five hour labour to boot! the midwife ruptured my membranes after i'd been pushing for a bit, and he popped right out!
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