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Happy due date to Me =)

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SO the MWs just came to visit and checked me out and said that I am 3 cm and 100% effaced =) All is well with the baby. Her head is sitting just a little catywompus so I'll be bouncing on the birth ball while I sew today, though she moved as soon as the internal was done and may be better positioned already. And I was right! SHe has her hands down by her head and thats what is tickling me so much LOL My MW is estimating 7.5 lbs or so. DS was 7lb15oz. so that sounds about right for this one. She is way low...lower than before. Oh and they did some light stripping of membranes just due to the internal check so we're all hoping for a delivery on Saturday (the date that has stuck in my mind for forever)....or at least in the fairly near future. I'm feeling much more positive and optimistic about waiting now =)
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Sounds like your on your way! Or should I say your little one is on their way . Good luck and keep us posted!
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Sounds great! DD2 was born with her hand next to her head...I could handle the 9 pound baby (up from dd1's 7lb. 11oz) but that hand! I'd spend a little time visualizing her moving it down...and I totally know what you mean by tickling! Eek!!

Keeping an eye on you from single parenting...post a birth story when she comes, okay?
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