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u/s today and nst.

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well got my u/s done baby is meassuring about 6lbs and 35w5d, which is off by a week and some days, but my ob said that's better then what my fundal height is so she's happy. on the nst baby is fine and i am having contractions 10min apart with nausea/diarreah. which they said is a good sign. bp is 123/96 but they told me this is normal with me being in labor. i'm 3cm and 80% dilated. she isn't going to induce me this time because she want's me to go as far as possible naturally. YIPPY! she set up an appt for next week with an nst but she said she doesn't think i'll be pregnant that long! so all is good and i can't wait to have my little one.
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Sounds great. I bet she's right!
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Less than a week? So exciting!
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Oooh it sounds like you are getting really close! How exciting! I bet we'll be seeing your announcement next! WOO HOO!!
Good luck!
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Wow that is so exciting!! I sure hope everything continues to go well! Keep us posted!
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