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Those are great names, so far!

I've wanted 'Sebastian' for about 10 years now! So I thought I would have to beg DH to let us name our son that name, but he willingly agreed to it when I brought it up. I told him he could pick the middle name, and he picked Dee, which is his father's and his middle name.

So, his name is Sebastian Dee Stock (I have a different last name. I am still debated on changing it or not...)
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Originally Posted by Yoshua View Post
Oliver Queen (dc comic character :0)
lol He's more into Star Trek names. Heaven help me.
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well, if it's a boy it will be either Elias Michael, or Louis something

If it's a girl it will be Mary Adelle or Mary catherine or Mary Josette, or Mary Bernadette.

With this one I get to pick the first name and he picks the second.
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I'm not even pressuring myself to think about it right now. Does that make me a bad mom?
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OMG, you just made my night.
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We're having a little girl...and we've decided on

Willow Annabella Whitley R***
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Sarah Lily
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Our little guy is going to be Leo Maximilian.
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We haven't even thought about thinking about names yet.

We'll start in late April or early May. We are just plain out of names.
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We're leaning heavily towards Cara (no middle name as yet), although I have occasional desires for Ella or, more recently, Aryn (unfortunately neither of those really work as a middle name with Cara).
If the ultrasound proves to have been wrong and baby comes with extra parts, it's definitely going to be Louis.
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Well dh and I still can't agree on a first name. But I did get him to agree to Savannah (my choice as first name)as the middle name. I told him he can take the pressure of her first name...I'm out of the game!

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Originally Posted by wisconsingirl View Post
Well we are having a girl...right now we call her Ruby cuz the baby can say that name.
I have ALWAYS loved that name but DH doesn't. I would totally name this kid that if it were just up to me. Darn having to make joint decisions!!

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Henry for a boy. Possible middle names are Jay, Abraham, and Hanlon (my maiden name).

Cora Jean for a girl.
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The guys are naming this baby

Andreas Douglas Christian, after their fathers.

(they are belgian)
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Girl: Lillian Mae or Magdalen Rose
Boy: Gabriel Isaiah
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We found out this one will be a boy, and thank god, because we were totally lost at sea regarding girls' names. I liked Frieda and Daria; DH said absolutely not. He liked some lame name I can't even remember now. But the question is moot, because we already had a great boy's name picked out from when I had my daughter, and we're going to stick with it.

He will be named August Frederick, and we are going to call him Gus for short.
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Hmm, a few people have picked similar or the same names as me... that's OK though, I am not changing my mind.

Unless DP comes up with something better than "Bicycle Kropotkin" the names I have picked for our baby are:

Raven Mae if it's girl. I have a couple other choices for a girl, too, but unless baby comes out and I look at her and say, "No, nevermind," it'll be that.

Oliver [Ollie] William if it's a boy. William is my dad's name, middle name of DP's dad and stepdad; my grandpa's [who practically raised me more than my dad when I was a little kid and is like, my favourite person in the world] middle name; and pretty sure it's a few other family member's name, too... ETA: Whoopsie, it's DP's middle name, too! lol

I have a few other names I like just in case those don't work out. DP has approved Raven Mae, but doesn't like Oliver. His only realistic suggestion is Zack William, but I don't like the name Zack. It makes me think of 90s and "Saved By The Bell" and neon nylon outfits and lastly, my aunt's dog (that's his name). I suppose I prefer more old-fashioned names.
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Originally Posted by emiLy View Post
Henry for a boy.
I love Henry!!! this is the coolest boy name, IMO!
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we are having a boy, and we have not decided on a name yet, but the front-runners are:

Gabriel (Gabe)
Eric (my father's name)

His middle name will be Allan, its been passed down for 5 generations now...so I don't feel like I have a choice with that part. I figure if dh gets the middle AND last name I should get the first name no matter what he thinks about it :

If he was a "she" I wanted to name her Olivia.
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