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last day of work!!!

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Woohooo!!! Can't believe this is my last day of work before maternity leave ... I'm almost done cleaning out my office (we've got to clean it all up and send everything to records, what a pain -- but quite cathartic, really).

I guess this whole having a baby thing is becoming more real by the minute. I'm 38 weeks today and it still doesn't feel like the birth is imminent.

I hope in the coming days to enjoy some R&R, get the home ready for the baby and to take care of some personal necessities (you know, like getting a bikini wax, a pedicure, some highlights .... ). Maybe I'll even start to nest ... (hasn't happened yet, but I am sure happy when my hubby tidies up!
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Hey, that's cool! Congrats!! I hope you get a bit of a rest before your baby comes!! Drop me a line from home if you get a chance!

Happy 38 weeks!!!
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Enjoy your mini vacation before the baby arrives...
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Enjoy yourself
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I am utterly jealous, btw!!!

The Veep of Advertising is leaving her job just 2-3 days before my due date....I'll pretend her going-away cake is actually mine!
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I work PT, my last class is on Monday, then rest on Tuesday and go in the hospital for my planned C-section. Was hoping for a VBAC, but not happening with a transverse baby.... starting back to work earlier this time, but my schedule is better.
Enjoy the nesting time.
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Congrats!! Enjoy having some time off and preparing for baby.
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