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Carseat comfort advice???

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So I just turned my daughter's carseat around to forward facing, and the seat belt is pulled so tight that the plastic part is directly behind her back, creating a lump. I padded it with diapers for comfort, but it's still noticeable. I'm concerned because I remember in another carseat thread a poster familiar with chiro mentioning the padding that stops mid-back can create misalignments, and so I'm wondering what this lump will do. Does anyone know what I should do? Has anyone else had this problem?

(I know a lot of people on here recommend keeping them rear-facing much longer. I'm not going to do that. The carseat has been a struggle for us in terms of her happiness and she does a million times better when she can see us.)

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You might want to take the carseat to your local police/fire station. I know at least in this area, they will perform a safety inspection any time for free. Also, if you're still uncomfortable with it and cost isn't an issue, perhaps you might want to test out a few of the other brands. Wish I had some better advice for you, but HTH!
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No advice, but are you sure you want to turn that seat around? A reflective blanket, like the kind you take to the beach can be put across the entire back seat. It acts like a giganctic mirror so that baby can see you.

There are such good reasons to keep that seat rear facing. Your baby's happiness is extremely important, too, but even a small accident can cause catastrophic injuries to the spinal cord at the neck (which means your baby could be paralyzed from the neck down).

There's a good post here. I encourage you to read it again before making any decisions. Cars are the leading cause of death and injury to children and infants in North America. The risk is real.
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There was a story on our local news a while back. A mom said her son constantly fussed and cried in his carseat. One day she noticed a bruise on his lower back which matched exactly with a lump in the back of the carseat, much as what you described.

I, too, would go to an inspection centre. If the problem is inherent to the seat design, you might want to try returning it or complaining to the manufacturer.
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Beanzer and I don't usually agree Here we really do!

Rear facing car seat shouldn't be turned around too early. The risks are too great.

Try Beanzer's idea of the mirrored blanket (I tried something like this in my car, but realized that because of seat shape, dd still couldn't see me). But it might work great in another car.
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Aidan is still rear-facing. he is 15 months old and 22 lbs. i'm hoping that he will be able to stay rear facing until he grows out of the seat, either 33lbs or his head less than an inch from the top of the seat.

look at the crash test photos, that is what really did it for me.

he is miserable in the back, but this is a safety issue, and safety prevails over his dislike of facing backward.

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Dancermom, what type is it??? If you think it might put pressure on the child then call the company and complain! Have you double checked to make sure it hasn't been recalled for that reason yet? I would have SOMEONE that knows what they are doing look at it and see if it's somehow damaged or would CAUSE damage. Just doesn't sound COMFORTABLE!

both my kids turned around at age 13 months, so I know where you are coming from there. (dd had MAXED out that car seat anyways!!!)
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Hmmmm...I'm actually not sure to which "plastic part" you are referring, because unless I misunderstood, the problem only began once the seat was facing forward? When you say the seat belt is so tight, do you mean the car's belt that you use to install the car seat, or the harness that holds your dd into the seat? And what does the tightness of the belt have to do with a plastic part in her back?

Sorry if I sound dense - just trying to picture the problem so I can help, and I'm also trying to make sure you're not using something incorrectly.
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Well, thanks to those of you who had suggestions, but I fixed the problem and was able to keep her forward facing.

It's hard to exactly describe it, but a friend of mine said all the carseats she's seen have that problem when using older seatbelts.

Anyway, thanks again.
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Even though you fixed the problem, I URGE you to please go get the seat checked by a tech. Every seat should be checked for correct installation... the stats on misuse are staggering (over 85%!!!) and most of it is by well meaning parents who believe that they are doing everything correctly.

Here is a link that can help you find a car seat safety technician in your area.



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