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so really... how much of a pita is lanolizing?
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HI all! Just joining this thread -- I haven't been CDing out of sheer overwhelmedness, but I am starting back up tomorrow, at least part time!

We do love longies -- I should tell you all there is a way to make them yourself out of an wool sweater that you shrink down in the dryer -- that way you can make a million pairs out of cool sweaters from Salvation Army :-)

There might be an online tutorial somewhere?!?!?!? Basically the sleeves become the legs and the neckline becomes the waistline and you piece it all together...
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Originally Posted by JenMidwife View Post
so really... how much of a pita is lanolizing?
Not at all, really. All I do is put a smear of Lansinoh on my finger and run hot water in the sink. Once there's a bit of hot water in the botom of sink, I put my hand in there and swish it around. Once the lanolin has dissolved, I put cold water in the sink until it's about halfway full. Put wool covers or longies in sink (I usually do it inside out), squeeze a bit, then pull em out. Easy peasy. I roll covers in a towel to get out much of the water then lay them flat to dry.
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Found the online tutorial for making your own longies out of a wool sweater -- I have several pairs of this kind of lngies and they are AWESOME.

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Wool is naturally antibacterial, so it shouldn't smell at all--it takes A LOT for it to get stinky. If it does, it probably needs to be washed and your diapers probably need to be stripped.

As for lanolizing, It's really not hard at all. However, I don't like the Lansinoh sink method--no matter how hot the water is, it always stays gloppy and I have had brand-new covers end up with greasy lanolin stains when I've tried it that way. I love, love, love the Sudz n'Dudz organic wool wash, which has lanolin built right in so you don't have to wash and then lanolize--it's one-step, and you can also add an essential oil for scent. I also love the wool wash bar for treating spots and stains without having to relanolize a whole cover. She also has spray lanolin and lanolin balms.

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Spray Lanolin ROCKS! I like Naturally Luxe's personally. After you have washed your woolies, you just spray the lanolin on and work it into the fibers a bit with your hands. So easy, and no chance of getting lanolin staining.

The cheapest way to get really awesome longies is to knit them yourself. If you knit, that is. There are several really great patterns out there - the Picky pants from Little Turtle Knits, Perfection pants from Wooly Wonders, the Fern and Faery pattern is good too. You have to buy the pattern, but I believe there is on line help, too if you get stuck.
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