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Guess what I am?

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50% effaced, 1cm dialated, and the baby is very low at 0 station. Woo Hoo!!
I had my 38w check up today. My midwife wouldn't have done an internal normally, but I told her that I had been experiencing more contractions and menstrual-like cramps. I was pysched to find out that we are moving right along. She can come whenever she wants. It's just so exciting that it could happen anytime now!!
I sleep pretty much all day and all night when I can, I have a lot of pelvic pressure, and I'm absolutely starving all of a sudden. I mean, I eat a huge dinner and just want another huge dinner in like 10 minutes. It's incredible! And I actually managed to loose a pound this week! Baby sounds good though and she's still gaining centimeters, so it's okay. Anyone else feeling this stuff?
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I'm due the 7th with our second, and I am really tired too. I could sleep all day! But my appetite? Forget it! If I didn't have to eat, I wouldn't bother! I've had some pelvic pressure but not many contractions. It's just so exciting that we're all getting so close!
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I am having some pressure in my cervix every once in a while, but nothing else at this point. My baby has NOT dropped, which is fine, but the pressure is uncomfortable at times.
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As of today, (36wks) baby boy has dropped, and I'm 1cm dilated, cervix is still thick, but VERY soft, and my midwife could feel his head. So, anytime now!! I'm so excited to meet our little man!
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I'm with you. My babe is a bit lower than 0 station but I can't remember if that's + or - right now. I was dilated to 1, over 50% effaced, and super soft last Saturday.
I am so tired and sick too with RSV so I've asked baby to stay in until we're all better.
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