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cashews. a lot of them.

i'm feeling too lazy to clean the kitchen enough to cook.
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I had a momentary burst of energy so I made a lemon poppy seed loaf that has tahini, sesame seeds, flax seed and apricots in it. Looking forward to having some with a cup of tea when it's done.
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I've had two wraps... one with refried beans (I'm on a refried beans kick), mashed roasted potatoes, and salsa, the other just with refried beans and salsa. Apple juice, and a lot of watermelon!

Here is my refried beans recipe...

2 large onions
2 tbs soy sauce
4 cloves garlic
1 large can dark beans, rinsed well
1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)
1/8 tsp cayenne (or to taste)
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup olive oil

I puree the first 7 ingredients together, then heat the oil in a cast iron pan. I fry the bean mixture about 7-10 minutes, stirring every now and then. This is great in wraps!
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Today is a very lazy day
coffee w/ soy milk
2 vegan frozen waffles and 3 veggie sausage patties all drizzled in maple syrup

chickpeas mashed with veganaise, curry powder, garlic powder, cumin and a pinch of salt on bread

probably hummus w/ trader joes flatbread. if I get motivated I'll make a cucumber soy yogurt sauce add some romaine and make hummus gyros.
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b'fast - 1 carrot-raisin muffin, 2 mugs of delectable Guatemala coffee, french-pressed

lunch - chunky sesame hummus & multi-grain flatbread , orange slices

supper - roasted curry-fennel cauliflower & steamed rice
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Breakfast: green tea, barley flour and flax meal pancakes

Snack: fruit smoothie with almond butter, flax oil, raw chocolate nibs

Lunch: minestrone soup, later a Think Organic choc/coconut bar

Dinner: root beer, sweet potato fries (VWAV), Christacular's yummy split pea patties, and a big salad with raw veggies and pine nuts. Yum!!
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Yummmm eeverything sounds so good!

Adding to my day: a slice of homemade wholewheat bread. I might have another wrap... I'm hungry! But it's a little too late to eat.
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Sorry NAK...Mixed fruit, teriaki tofu with vegies, blue berry juice...waiting patiently to pounce on some soy dream ice cream!!!
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Hmmmmm...everything sounds so good..

I have had so far....

Pancakes with drizzle of maple syrup and some oven baked breakfast potatoes.orange juice.

Organic rootbeer and a handful of pretzels.

Getting ready to make some saffron yellow rice to eat in corn tortillas....super yummy!!!
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mango and black coffee.
lunch is carrot bisque and with dumplings.
dinner will be faux-fishcakes and salad.
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b'fast - toasted p'butter sandwich, on lovely organic, whole wheat sunflower bread. They grind the grains in the bakery each morning

lunch - 2 banana streusel muffins & some coffee :

projected dinner - tempeh "sausage" fennel potato pizza from VwithaV.

Hmm... noticing a total lack of green stuff today, and I'm not keen on heading out. I guess I'll have to double-up tomorrow.
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having a lazy day here and this thread is making me hungry!
and what Kathy you had coffee?


pita pocket w/lettuce and cucumbers

curried cauliflower w/black beans and rice
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Slices of apple, homemade wholewheat bread with natural peanut butter, apple juice; refried beans and roasted potatoes topped with salsa and parsley.

I forgot the best part.... 1 1/2 tall glasses of fresh carrot juice. MMMmmmm!!!!!
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Originally Posted by sweetpeasmom View Post
and what Kathy you had coffee?
yeah, I know, CRAZY for me.

I snacked on some roasted fennel cauliflower leftovers this afternoon. It's going to be a fennel-y kind of day here.
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Morning I had some of the lemon poppy seed bread that I made yesterday with coffee and soy creamer.

Lunch I had a vegan pizza that my son made me at work last night (he works at Pizza Hut, it was delicious.

Dinner we had "meat"loaf and mashed sweet potatoes. Yummy!
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Roasted potatoes, refried beans with parsley and salsa; whole wheat bread; a few pieces of vegan chocolate cake; broccoli with peanut-lemon dressing and parsley.

I've had a big appetite lately!!!!!
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breakfast - carrot raisin muffin & a big mug of coffee

lunch - leftover tempeh-fennel-potato pizza.

dinner - steamed rice & leftover fennel-curry roasted cauliflower & tofu

It's been a leftover kind of day
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breakfast: banana and black coffee
lunch: bean curd skin rolls in black bean sauce + a spicy shanghai cabbage dish from my favourite vegan chinese restaurant
dinner: eggplant bhartha, roasted fennel potatoes and a salad
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Breakfast - coffee and a bagel with tofutti cream cheese

Lunch - garlic rice noodle soup and saltines 'cause I'm still sick :

Dinner - veggie pot pie
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I had a really lazy day. I just finished my 28-day cleanse, so I went a little crazy eating so much chocolate. :

2 slices ezekial bread w/ Earth Balance
1 apple
1 tangerine
6 dried figs
a dark chocolate bar

I haven't had dinner yet though. I just baked some acorn squash, and we may have Amy's California Burgers (w/o buns) with it. It hasn't been the most balanced day. :-/
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