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Report on eating part of placenta

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So, there's discussion on this elsewhere on the board, but I thought if any of you are considering it, you might want to hear my report since everyone's due date is getting really close. I had my baby on Monday (today is Thurs) (he was due Feb 8, but came a little early). I had a placenta smoothie (DH made it with strawberries, coconut, banana, and ice; he didn't realize I had yogurt to put in it, too) right after the birth with about a 1 inch square piece. It didn't taste like anything other than a smoothie. It didn't look like anything other than a smoothie, either, since the strawberries camouflage the placenta.

Tuesday, I had another one with a piece about twice the size of the first one. It still just tasted like a smoothie. Wednesday, I had a frostie from Wendy's (okay, so not the most nutritious, but we were practically out of food in the house!) with the bigger piece blended in. Although it just tasted like a frostie, I'm not sure I'd recommend that because when I opened up the lid to see how much I had left, I could see little red flecks, and well, I knew it wasn't strawberry, and it was a tiny bit gross (but my stomach's strong, so not too much of a problem for me).

So, although all births are different and there were definitely factors with my last birth that might make recovery tougher (I had cervical scar tissue that was broken up during the birth), this recovery is WAY easier. It's 3 days after I delivered and my bleeding has almost stopped. I have a lot of energy, and my soreness in my perineum and anus are almost totally gone. My milk took about the same amount of time to come in, but I definitely had more colostrum than I did last time before the milk fully came in.

As far as afterpains, however, this birth was worse for those. I'm not sure if my uterus is shrinking faster than last time or not, I really can't remember how fast it shrank last time. I'd say my tummy is about 1/4 of what it was at the end of the pregnancy right now, so it is shrinking fairly fast, but I don't really think that much faster than normal.

So, if you're thinking about trying it, I do think there have been benefits. I guess I just figured "why not?". I don't find it particularly gross, so if there are possible benefits, why not try it.
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LOL thanks for the report.

I told DH and my mother and they think I'm crazy ...So I'm going to ask the MW to cut some pieces and see if she will make one for me.. then I'll make them..maybe.
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Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for the report and good for you for trying it! I'm glad you are having such an easy recovery so far. Congratulations!
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That's awesome!! Glad the smoothies worked and you seem to be recovering well. I told DH about your thread and eating placentas and he said "Cool...You should just fry it up!" Oh my god....he's so gross.
So, if I don't have a homebirth can I ask the midwife for pieces of my placenta? I just figured they would take it away and not offer it at the hospital. If I had the option, I would totally try what you did though. Thanks for the report!
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Meaggy, the placenta is your body part, and so it belongs to you.. if you want to take it home, you need to tell your care provider (MW/OB) ahead of time, adn then ask the nurse on the floor about it too.. they will provide you with a "bucket" to take it home in (think uhm.. chinese take out)BUT they probably won't put it in the fridge if you stay overnight... SO you might want/need a cooler on hand, or a sharp knife to grab chunks to put in a cooler (or have dh put them in the car if ti's as cold where you live as it is here)... and then they can take the rest of it as biohazard/medical waste, or you can take it home and bury it, fry it, dry and capsule it..
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OK, so I was really grossed out about this the first time I ever heard of it, but now after your post I'm considering it.

BUT, DH asked me if there are any studies or medical findings that prove that eating placenta actually has benefits. So, I'm asking that question to you all. Does any one know? I may do this any way, but if there were something out there that I could show DH as proof(sorry can't think of a better word) I would love to have it to share with him. TIA!
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good to know. i'm bringing mine home with me.
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you guys are incredibly brave. i can't imagine. i think dh took a picture of my placenta . . .
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WOW! I thougth I had heard it all, but a placenta smoothy! I'm glad to hear that your feeling great, but I think I will leave my placenta to growing babies and trees!
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since it's great for helping stop PPH and for warding off future PPD... it's good to keep an open mind about it.

i keep digging to see if eating it can help your milk come in faster. i thought i remembered that but can't find it anywhere.

most women i have heard either feel they want it in the worst way after the birth, or they had somehting happen before that made them plan on eating it.
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I'll have to look for links later, but I've definitely found research that says there is oxytocin (helps with the bleeding), prolactin (helps your milk come in), and a hormone that enhances the other opoids in your system (can't remember the name, but helps with pain).

Basically, if you have the hormone in your system when you're having the baby, some of it's going to be in the placenta. I think just a lot of blood is in there, and there are a lot of hormones in your blood at that point.

The reason I ate it raw is because I couldn't find anything that talked about what breaks down when you cook it or freeze it.

I've heard of plenty of people (on threads here) eating it for a while after the pregnancy, kind of as a pick me up (either small frozen pieces in a smoothie or some dried in a capsule). I don't think I'll do that, though, I don't want pregnancy hormones lingering in my system too long, I'm ready to be totally back to normal. I guess if you had PPD, though, and it would help, then go for it. We froze the rest of mine in case, but I don't think I'll need it, I'm not too prone to depression.
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Originally Posted by honeybeedreams View Post
i keep digging to see if eating it can help your milk come in faster. i thought i remembered that but can't find it anywhere.
I haven't read anything concrete about this either. But I've gathered from other people's stories that it helps your body do what needs to be done. So it can help your milk come in faster, help boost supply if needed, or help ease engorgement if that's what's going on with you. Sort of like a little custom remedy you have made for yourself.
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Here's some links that mention the hormones in the placenta (not all of them have to do with humans, but I imagine the hormones in the different mammals are the same, just varying in amounts). At least one of the articles mentioned prolactin, just search within the links:

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Oh, cool! I'm going to take a look at those links.

I had my 37 week appt this morning with mw and told her what I was thinking of doing. She hasn't had any personal experience with either her or a client eating their placenta, but when I told her some of the things eating placenta can help with she's very intrigued and all for it. So, most likely after we do my placenta prints, I'll end up making myself a shake. That is unless dh can be talked into doing it.

I'm so glad you posted about this SusannahM! Thanks!
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Yeah....totally gonna look at those sites too! Ya know, I grew up on a goat farm and I have watched mother goats eat their placentas for years. I always figured it was a natural thing that our bodies tell us to do. I don't really need any proof that it helps us after birth, but I think it's really interesting. Thank you so much posting.
And Lisa, thanks for the advice on how to bring home my placenta. I'm sure that if I really want a few chunks, they'll let us get some. I would just really want to make sure it gets dealt with and refrigerated soon after birth. So, that will take a little planning.
Good luck to all who try it. We should continue to give reports if some of us try it out.
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i would not tell anyone in a hospital you wanted to eat your placenta. it's considered "bio hazzard waste."

the easiest way to get it is to say it's part of your religious beliefs that you need to take it home, intact, with the cord attached. don't explain, just insist you need it.

that should get them to save it for you.

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Okay, so it's a week now, and my discharge is now the yellowy kind with some pink. I bled a little yesterday, but last night I passed what looked like a little part of the placenta, so I imagine that had something to do with the little bit of bleeding yesterday.

I'm able to squeeze into some of my husband's old jeans now, my uterus has shrank enough. I wore these jeans for about 2 or 3 months after I had my first one, so it makes me feel like I've gotten to the next stage. I'm ready to just throw out all my pregnancy clothes, I'm tired of seeing them. I'll probably wait until I don't have to hold my breath in, though, to zip up the jeans
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