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Nervous about going into labor.....

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I don't know if anyone can help but I need something....
I'm getting nervous about going into labor. I know it sounds silly. With DS, he was 3 weeks early, my water broke first before any contractions. At least it happened at home. An hour before we were out shopping!
I'm so worried that I won't know if and when I start labor this time. Does that make sense?
I don't know what else to say right now. I'm just so nervous.
Any help? Like I said, I know it's completely silly but I can't help it.

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You'll know when you're really in labour, you will. I know I've worried about it too...but you know.

if you're worried about waters breaking pre-labor (happened to me twice, once out in public) 2 things: wear a maxi pad - that saved me from a scene at the bank, and take salmon oil or evening primrose oil to strengthen the bag of waters. but if you're near due it might be too late for that...so use the maxi pad when you're out
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I agree... you'll know. It didn't take me long to figure out that I was in labor. It ended up lasting a total of 35 hours, but I "knew" something was up.
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are you nervous that you won't make it to the hospital in time? the best thing to do is stay at home as long as possible anyway, so if you're unsure if you're in labor, just keep livin' life! once your contractions become longer, stronger & closer together you'll know you're in true, active labor & hopefully you're babe will come soon after you get to the hossy!

i felt this way with baby #2, as well. i was a week late & started having diarrhea but no SROM or contractions. somehow i just knew something was happening in my body, though, and i was right! i called my mw & she asked me to come in & get checked out (she was already at the hospital) and i had Baby 2.5 hrs later.
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If you actually don't realize you're in labor right away that means you get the early part out of the way VERY easily. In time, when your body starts seriously getting into it in active labor, you'll know for sure. I think it would be wonderful to have such an easy labor that you didn't realize it was happening for a while.
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