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maybe this weekend?

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i barely slept last night and woke up with the trots and back pain... i just feel funny, can't put a finger on it! i'm only 35w5d (but my mw is estimating them to be around 7ish pounds each at this point, based on my fundal height related to their positions, and how big they feel! i make 'em big!) and was hoping to make it to 36 weeks. i also really didn't want to birth on the weekend, because i think our families will be over here peeking in the windows while i'm in labor so yeah, i'm torn here! i don't want to *wish* for babies this early, but oh good gosh does my back hurt and 51+cm of fundal height is so much more painful than it sounds. the cramps are making me cranky and annoyed and walking sucks anyway because of my SPD and ugh. thankfully twins' lungs develop faster than singletons', so we don't anticipate any breathing issues (my dd was 36w5d and fat and healthy, which is also very reassuring.) i just feel ambivalent- dare i say I'M (almost) SCARED?

so, maybe this weekend! i have a feeling this crampy achey irritating confusing "is it labor or not?" crap is going to go on for a while, though, so everyone pray i make it to at least sunday night so i'll be 36w and so everyone's in bed sleeping when i'm laboring and no one's bugging me, hehe!

i hope everyone is well!
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OH I hope it all goes well!! Here's some STAY IN vibes til Sunday, then LET'S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD!! Birthing twins sounds daunting but I'm sure you will do just fine... we're meant to do this! Keep us posted if you can!
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i've had the cramps and back pain as well and i'm all about STAY IN THERE, YOU!! at least til my mom arrives...two weeks from tomorrow. i'm 36 wks tomorrow.

sending you the same vibes -- til sunday!
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i can't wait to read your birthstory!!
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Here are more stay in till 36 weeks vibes for you

Keep us posted on how you are feeling!!
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